Friday, 24 October 2014

The Raah Project - 'Trick of the Light' / Yaw - 'Where Would You Go'

A double dose of Musical soul soothing as taking a bath in caramelised onion topped with coriander houmous!

I've been listening to Gilles Peterson's best of Brownswood Bubblers compilation over the last couple of weeks where I came across these two absolute belters. Gilles, Boba Fett nod of appreciation goes out to you.

The Raah Project - 'A Trick of the Light' (2010)

Freakish Swing from Melbourne duo, The Raah Project, it's as if Tony Bennett was performing at some seedy jazz joint on the far reaches of Mars. They formed through a mutual desire to work with a Big Band/Orchestra after toying around, adding beats to their collection of Jazz and Classical records. The project spiralled and they started working with a number of different Aussie artist resulting in the eclectic 2009 album, Score. The Raah Project are currently in the process of recording a new album which you can keep abreast of on their website here.

Yaw - 'Where Would You Be' (2009)

Impeccable nu-school Soul which sounds as if it could take place amongst any of the old school classics. Goose pimple inducing stuff from the glorious horns to the Chicago based singer's sublime vocals, evocative of an era.

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listen to the Best of Brownswood Bubblers on Spotify here too!

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The Raah Project - 'Trick of the Light' / Yaw - 'Where Would You Go'
4/ 5