Sunday, 25 October 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/10/2015 - Palace Winter, C.Duncan, Fat Freddy's Drop, Seinabo Sey, Jerome Echenoz

Five tracks to support the  'Northern Powerhouse'

Shell Hunter:-
Seinabo Sey - 'Pretend' (2015)

This struck me whilst looking around a women's clothes shop and at a time like that, you've got to be thankful for Shazam. I thought it had a good 90s feel to it but it wasn't until London Scouser mentioned the song Remember Me by Blueboy in a totally unrelated conversation, that I realised its what it sounds a bit like. Great stuff!
Seinabo Sey is a Swedish singer/songwriter and her debut album Pretend was out this week. Nowt wrong with a bit of electropop in my book!

Old Pa :-
Fat Freddy's Drop - Slings and Arrows (2015)


This has been out for sometime but I have just heard it. It's good, but maybe a little to close to UB40 for comfort. But that is not really a bad thing, is it? This track is taken from their just released album BAYS (2015) very high up on my list.

Palace Winter - 'Menton' (2015)

Danish-Australian duo, Palace Winter, have awoken me from my musical slumber, They've managed channel 'Kurt Vile', 'The War on Drugs' and 1980s drum patterns into a 6 minute masterpiece that could fit onto the "Now What I Call the 80's mixtapes".  Time for me to get out my white socks and black shoes and reminisce about Top Gun.  It features on the band's debut EP Medication.

London Scouser:-
Jérôme Echenoz - 'Le Chrome et Le Coton' (2015)

On my discover weekly playlist I heard this track and thought it sounded familiar, upon researching (ie Google) it I found it is being used in an advert for Citroen. It's by a French DJ and musician and this version is in English for heathens like me that don't comprendez le francais. It sounds (to me) a bit like Lou Reed, but what do I know... Well I know I like it, and that's enough pour moi

C.Duncan - 'For' (2015)

C.Duncan's debut album, Architect, has been hitting my folk tickle spot over the last few weeks, particularly the dreamy 'For'. It's like going for a gentle stroll along a beach and finding a cozy pub, with it's shanty-esque harmonies and hypnotic melody, it even has a folk soul clap...oh yeah! I also read that the Glaswegian's album has recently been nominated for next year's Mercury prize, it looks like he's been tickling quite a few spots then.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/10/2015 - Palace Winter, C.Duncan, Fat Freddy's Drop, Seinabo Sey, Jerome Echenoz
4/ 5


3 November 2015 at 10:07

FC - Reminds me of "Midlake" on "Lemon Jelly", nice for the beach
LS - Tidy, I like the English version. (I don't want to start an international incident)
OP - A Dub, Jet Set Willy
SH - I'm too old

Winner - Palace Winter!