Thursday, 4 February 2016

Rush - '2112'

Guest Spot.....Rush - 2112

We welcome back our guest spot feature with Flycasual's work pal, Dave (real name, I know everyone has a mate called Dave), who is a self confessed, denim clad, Rock guru. We've spent many a lonely night shift whiling away the time on the finer points of 'Hair Rock' to 'Hard Rock'. Here he revisits one of his favourite ever albums, Rush's 2112. Thank you for taking the time to contribute Dave. 

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Rush - 'Tears' (1976)

Most people have a go to album. Well this is mine. I first heard this as a 17ish year old. I had just joined the RAF and bought my first second hand stereo unit. Musically I had touched on punk but mainly was into Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Lizzy etc.

Now to explain I lived in a 4 man room and to blast out music was a sure way to annoy people so big headphones were the order of the day. This is actually a good way to hear the finer points of the music. Back to Rush. The first side is a SciFi concept. Geddy Lee (Bass and lead singer) uses his voice so well to go from the man looking to improve life through music to the Priests who rule the planet via computers. The man finds "an ancient miracle" and takes it to the Priests. There is a piece where he first finds it and learns to play. I always thought, damn wish I could learn that fast. The drumming on this album (Neil Peart) is something special. Side two is a collection of songs. Tears is one of my favourite ballads and 'Passage to Bangkok' could be about the best places to buy weed.
I was 17 so didn't know at the time. I remember just dozing off one night to this album, headphones on, when 'Twilight Zone' came on. At one point it sounded like someone was whispering in my ear and I crapped myself. Just part of the song, so different than through the speakers. Great song writers, amazing musicians.

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by David Palmer

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Rush - '2112'
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