Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Squeeze - Up The Junction


I'm no Brad Pitt

SQUEEZE - Up The Junction

Here is a little attempt to write a pop song. It's all about two ordinary people who live a  'normal'  simple life. They know exactly who they are and who exactly who they are not. But they are happy. I wish I was a bit like them.

WHAT I'M NOT (pop song 2)

I'll will never be a super model
'cause I know it's not my style
I'm happy with my office job
and mostly I have a smile
I don't need to wear the latest fashion
or wear too much bling
I have my own quirky clothes
and I'm happy with just your ring
you can't really call me fat
and I'm certainly not that thin
but it doesn't really matter
because I'm happy in my skin
I don't need to go to the latest clubs
that's not how I get my fun
I prefer to go on Saturdays
shopping with my mum
after we go to our favorite bar
and share a bottle of wine
it's just what I like to do
it's how I pass my time

I'll never be Angelina Jolie
or a Marilyn Monroe
but you and I together babe
our love just seems to grow

I love who you are babe
much better than who you're not

I'll never be a soccer star
'Cause I've got two left feet
I'm happy in the factory
with plenty mates to meet
I've got no interest in a fast car
or go to a Grand Prix
I'm happy in my run around
with you sitting next to me
I don't wear designer gear
it's the label that you pay
I shop in places like Primark
it's cheaper any day
I don't go to these fancy clubs
the price is their catch
I prefer to go on Saturdays
to watch a football match
after I go to my favorite pub
and laugh with all my mates
everything is all tied up
because you are my fate

I'll never be George Cluny
or be a Brad Pitt
but you and me together babe
we just seem to fit

I love who you are babe
much better than who you're not

How could I compete with Squeeze, a perfect Pop Song

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Squeeze - Up The Junction
4/ 5


4 January 2017 at 18:43

Lovely, Old Pa. Refreshing!