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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 19/02/2017 - Jade Imagine, The Dig, Rhiannon Giddens, Elbow


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Jade Imagine - Walkin' Around

This came out the tail end of last year and following a pretty rubbish week for me, it has managed to press all of the right buttons. Jade Imagine is the solo musical project of Melbourne based musician Jade McInally. "Walkin' Around" reminds me of Courtney Barnett playing Cass McCombs songs, which if has happened, I need to hear. Her family friendly debut EP, What the Fuck was I thinking, is out in April.

Old Pa:-
Rhiannon Giddens - Hey Bebe (2017)


This gal is new to me, I have been listening to her album this week and it is something else, so fresh and original. This song is inspired by Creole music and sounds if it could be recorded in the 40s or even earlier. There are lots of different types of music here with her own special take. Worth a shot!

London Scouser:-
The Dig - 'Astronaut' (2017)

I'll admit that I hadn't heard of 'The Dig' until I saw that this track was plugged by 'Black Books' so I thought I'd give it a listen. On first hearing, I didn't think it was out of this world but giving it another try I started to like it. It's got a catchy almost 80's feel to it which works for me.
The band apparently used to share a studio with 'The Strokes' and early on there were some comparisons made which ain't too shabby. This is from their latest album 'Bloodshot Tokyo' which is out now

Elbow -'Gentle Storm' (2017)

I've like been a fan of like Elbow since like totally forever and always look forward to a release despite the fear that perhaps their best material is behind them. Wrong! Little Fictions, their seventh album, is arguably their finest in awhile. It is indeed a rarity for me, in this day and age where lack of time and musical convenience prevails, to listen to an album in it's entirety but I have thoroughly enjoyed doing so multiple times. It also seems that the Elbow crew have been listening to a bit of funk during the recording of the album from the evidence of the 'Funky Drummer' beat on a few of the tracks, a nice contrast to the melancholia on offer. Anyway, waffle over, hard pushed but 'Gentle Storm' is my song of choice, a force 10 of track, delivered in the trademark Guy Garvey style. Lancashire represent!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 19/02/2017 - Jade Imagine, The Dig, Rhiannon Giddens, Elbow
4/ 5


20 February 2017 at 15:55

Strong collection of tunes this week!

Sfw, hard pushed but this is my Totw. I can see the comparison and I love how this drones on (in a good way).

Old Pa, great feel to this. I was drinking in a New Orleans bar on my lunch break.

LS, unexpected and was between Sfw's for Totw, cosmic stuff. Reminded me of Just be A Woman? By White Town or some shit but that's good.

20 February 2017 at 17:10

Strong indeed!

Old Pa - This is great. Loving the authenticity of it all and with a name like Rhinannon, she must be Welsh.

London Scouser - This is pretty damn good! Your excile in the desert has unearthed a gem. Keep them coming.

Flycasual - This is totally, like, awesome, like. The tracks I've heard so far have been crackers and I will purchase it. I read that the drummer quit and the drum machine must have played its part. Bloody good stuff.

22 March 2017 at 21:54

FC the track was 'Your Woman'
(pushes glasses up the nose)

22 March 2017 at 22:01

SFW - wow, wow, wow - I bloody love this
OP - no, no , no - I don't bloody love this
FC - yes, yes, yes - I didn't know they had a new album out, this is excellent stuff, drum machine or not... the video looks like a school project take on 'Godley & Creme's' Cry or 'Michael Jackson's' Black Or White

I expected Mr GG and his band would win this at a canter, but Jade Imagine win by a nose