Thursday, 24 March 2011

Danay Suarez - 'Lagrimas de Soledad'

Recollection Collection......musical memories recalled with affection!

Danay Suarez....She's hot, she can sing, she can rap, she can move....BOOM!

A beautiful song. proving less is more. Danay's sultry voice, a simple piano riff and some congas produce this wonderfully atmospheric tune which had me hooked from the off. What drew me to Danay was the contrast of her singing to her rapping as she switches effortlessly from one to the other. Beautiful yet gritty like Havana. So time I'm in Cuba....Mojitos on me love.

Goosepimple inducing stuff, I lifted this off Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura album which showcases some of Cuba's modern artists. From classic Cuban Son to Hip-Hop and Reggaeton, it's all good.

Thursday I'm in love.....a chance to share my favourite tracks.


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Danay Suarez - 'Lagrimas de Soledad'
4/ 5