Thursday, 7 April 2011

Radiohead - 'House of Cards'

Recollection Collection......musical memories recalled with affection!

There have been many goosepimple (which incidently is the criteria for the tracks chosen for Thursday I'm In Love) inducing tracks from Oxford's finest over the years but simply put, this track is beautiful. Be careful however, as despite it's allure there are dark undertones at work, the track may refer to a start/continuation of an affair with what looks like a swinging party thrown in for good measure, naughty! Both parties seem accepting of their fate as their respective house of cards collapses around them and is swept away. Taken from 'In Rainbows', House of Cards hit instantly, a simple guitar riff, a sweet drum lick, reverbs and echoes all add to the mood as Thom Yorke's despairing voice reaffirms the fragilty of the situation.


Thursday I'm In Love....A chance to share some my favourite tracks!
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Radiohead - 'House of Cards'
4/ 5