Wednesday, 18 May 2011

TRACK OF THE WEEK - 18/05/11 - Beastie Boys - 'Make Some Noise'

Flashback 86'!!   Lock away your grannies!                     May 4th, 2011

After a 5 year absence the Beasties return with 'Make Some Noise which is pulled from their 8th studio album 'Hot Sauce Committee Part 2'. With a kazoo like bassline and a heavy kick drum, it's a track which wouldn't have been out of place on their debut album 'License to Ill' back in 86'.

One thing is for certain with the Beastie Boys, they always pull the stops out with their videos and this is no different. A star studded cast in this abridged version of the video 'Fight For Your Right Revisited', shows that their popularity hasn't waned, neither has their sense of humour as they poke fun of their beer swilling, VW sign stealing and pensioner bashing hay days!

They may not be the best MC's and are in their mid 40's but what they lack is compensated by an abundance of wit, style and the ability to always sound fresh, which has made them so endearing over the years.

To quote one of MCA's lines from the track... 'my rhymes age like wine as I get older'!

Beastie Boys 

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TRACK OF THE WEEK - 18/05/11 - Beastie Boys - 'Make Some Noise'
4/ 5