Friday, 24 June 2011

DYLAN COVER # 2 - Sinead Lohan - 'To Ramona'

"...another side of dylan..."
This is a great version of a song which is not one of Dylan's better known songs. It is from 'Another side of Bob Dylan' when he was drifting away from the 'protest song' and just before he 'turned electric'. It is not very often you can say a song changed your way of thinking, but this one certainly did for me....'there is no one to beat you, there is no one to defeat you, except the thoughts of yourself feeling bad'. Listen to the song and you will find pearls of wisdom coming over you like a flood.....will it change your way of thinking?...maybe not, but I needed that little bit of guidance in those days.

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DYLAN COVER # 2 - Sinead Lohan - 'To Ramona'
4/ 5