Saturday, 18 June 2011

GUEST SPOT # 1 - The Doves - 'There Goes the Fear'

One of the ideas for this blog is based on sharing music and the experiences associated with it. So every week we'll have a 'guest spot', so that you can share a favourite song or moment with us. 

The first 'guest spot' is from KRS:-

This is a truly great song. I eagerly anticipated The Doves second album of "The Last Broadcast" and read The Doves were due to release their first single from it, "There Goes The Fear" for one day only in an experimental bid to reach the number one spot. My dad and I rushed out and bought a single each. The Sunday chart countdown went by with no number one in sight and I was saddened to see the singles all over the shelves the following weeks! Despite this and the sad breakup sentiments, the chorus always fills me with hope and I always get waves of goosebumps. Its an indulgent song if you are a sucker for the drums and what a treat, the song ends in a crescendo of samba beats and whistles, the sounds and atmosphere
of Carnival!
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GUEST SPOT # 1 - The Doves - 'There Goes the Fear'
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