Thursday, 30 June 2011

Chemical Brothers - 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl'

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Chemical Brothers - 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl' (1999)

No one does noise quite as beautifully as the Chemical Brothers. They say they formed because there wasn't enough sirens in Hip-Hop and being a Public Enemy fan I believe them. This track is taken from the excellent 'Surrender' album and became an anthem for clubbers and rockers alike. There were really only a handful of Dance bands around competing for the attention of the Brit Pop crowd at the time and the Chemical Brothers successfully negotiated that minefield.

This track gets me everytime with it's frantic pace and 'Acid House' tinged beats, I can't help but move some part of my body. As a non-dancer that is difficult as the last thing I want to do is to unleash my 'Dad Dance' to the world and spoil it all.

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Chemical Brothers - 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl'
4/ 5