Thursday, 9 June 2011

Midfield General - 'Midfielding feat Noel Fielding'

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Midfield General - 'Midfielding feat Noel Fielding' (2000)

I Love this track because it's firmly rooted in Hip-Hop, puts UK mammals back on the map and it's bloody weird. An animal slave rebellion, an old Russian lady who's seen too much and a huge wooden shrew, what's not to like! A big beat and plonky piano loop accompanied by Noel Fielding's nonsensical freestyle make this a truly unique track.

Midfield General aka DJ Damien Harris, founder of Brighton's dance label Skint, recruited Noel for this song after seeing him in his stand up routines. All this before his rise to fame through the equally bizarre 'The Mighty Boosh'.

' weekend I ever had!'

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Midfield General - 'Midfielding feat Noel Fielding'
4/ 5