GIVE ME A GUITAR!! - Temple Of The Dog - 'Hunger Strike'

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Temple Of The Dog - 'Hunger Strike' (1991)

I first heard of Temple Of The Dog long after I was a fan of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam and was already in love with Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder's unique rock voices. My now husband(his romancing tactics cleary worked) brought over the album in a obvious bid to woo me with his music expertise and it really knocked me for six! Take heed you ladies out there, it will make you go weak at the knees in parts! Chris Cornell wrote the album as a tribute to the late Andrew Wood, the former lead singer of band Mother Love Bone. Its hard to believe that this album was released before Pearl Jam's 'Ten'!

Nobody puts Temple Of The Dog in the corner

What I loved about the album and especially the song Hunger Strike, was that it had a rock sound but was slower and less angry. Vedder and Cornell's voices compliment each other well with Vedder having the smooth low warble and Cornell's perfectly placed high pitched rock scream! There is no other man that can make Musketeer chic look sexy! As my own tribute, I have included a Mother Love Bone track straight from the well loved "Singles" sound track. Chloe Dancer/ Crown of Thorns is a splice of two songs but to me, can only ever be heard as one. Prepare for goosebumps!

Mother Love Bone - 'Choe Dancer/Crown of Thorns'

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It's all for one

And one for rock!


sfw said...

A rock combo of surf & turf......Musketeer chic! I like it!

sfw said...

...I forgot to say I saw PJ play this in Barcelona (i know!!!) with the Aussie Hair-Bear-bunch singer of Wolfmother doing the Chris Cornell parts...not bad either!

Great song how could it fail with these two great rock voices, love this one

Shell Hunter said...

sfw - wow, thats mental! I thought I was lucky when seeing Chris Cornell in Vegas when he played a couple of Temple Of The Dog songs, but Pearl Jam and Wolfmother! Temple Of The Dog to me is like someone putting Nando's chicken on a Pizza. It's 2 favourites creating a new kind of awesome!

Anonymous said...

London Scouser here -
I really like this song, in fact the whole album is great, probably in my Top Ten albums ever.
Whilst trawling through Wikipedia recently I came across another track that may interest fans of Temple Of The Dog, it's the only song by a rock supergroup called M.A.C.C (The initials of the four members.....answers on a postcard please) The song is a cover of Jimi Hendrix's Hey Baby (The Land of The New Rising Sun) from a 1993 Jimi tribute album called Stone Free. It is really good and definitely worth a listen people.

Shell Hunter said...

Cheers Scouser! Great song too! And well done in keeping with the Jimi theme!

New kind of awesome, I like that, I may try beans with ice cream, yummy

Well the postcards haven't come, well not yet. So I'll tell ya cos I'm sure you're all itching to know. M=Mike McCready. A=Jeff Ament. C=Matt Cameron & C=Chris Cornell. So a Pearl Jam versus Soundgarden mix made in heaven.

Kate said...

I missed this post in the summer but it just caught my eye having watched the Cameron Crowe film about Pearl Jam last night. They played this in the film and talked to Cornell about it. Gorgeous song.

Shell Hunter said...

Kate - If you like this and haven't heard the rest of the album yet, it's a must! My next mission is to watch PJ20. Can't wait to see it!