Monday, 25 July 2011

Bombino - 'Ahoulaguine Akaline' and SMOD - 'Les Dirigeants Africains'

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Here are a couple of gems that have been transporting me to sunnier climes over the last few weeks. Just let the music do the talking!

Bombino - 'Ahoulaguine Akaline' (I Greet my Country) (2011)

I'm a real sucker for Desert Blues and this track from Niger's Bombino, ticks all the boxes. Although the Tuareg refugee has been making music for awhile, he has recently released his debut album 'Agadez'. Bombino is an accomplished guitarist, as this tune proves and perhaps more melodious than his counterparts, showing there's more to the genre than Tinariwen.

Bombino - 'Ahoulaguine Akaline'

SMOD - 'Les Dirigeants Africains' (2011)

SMOD are a acoustic rap trio from Mali and have recently released an album of the same name. Produced by World Music troubadour Manu Chao, the album blends the traditional with the modern in that unique Manu sound. I just love this with the melody, the beat keeping that rhythmic pulse throughout and that distinct and infectious West African guitar. The song sees them denounce those notorious inept African dictators who seem to remain in power whilst the rest of the population suffers. Tell em' boys!

SMOD - 'Les Dirigeants Africains'

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Bombino - 'Ahoulaguine Akaline' and SMOD - 'Les Dirigeants Africains'
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26 July 2011 at 09:48

Two treats Flycasual, Bombino, although the blues, it is more gentler thanthe Tiniawaren sound, will definately be checking him further. Smod. I love this,you have described it to perfection, c'est manifique

27 July 2011 at 22:34

Nice choices! If they only had this Bombino track playing when I used to be at check in! I'm sure it would have diffused a few arguements about excess baggage! As for the SMOD one, I can clearly hear the Mano Chao influence. He is one clever hombre.