Thursday, 18 August 2011

DYLAN COVER # 10 - Fairport Convention/Nico - I'll keep it with Mine

FAIRPORT CONVENTION - I'll Keep it with Mine(1968)

A school friend lent me the Album 'What we did on our Holiday' in 1968 by Fairport Convention and when I first heard 'I'll keep it with Mine' I just new it was Dylan immediately, although he had not released that song. It was released officially on 'Biograph' in 1985 and then later, a different outtake version on the Bootleg Series Vol 1-3 in 1991. However, I did hear the Dylan version on a 'Boot variation of the Great White Wonder' much earlier. I love the song, great melody and simple but significant words.

You will search Babe at any cost, but how long Babe
Can you search for what is not lost

I can't help it, if you might think I'm odd, if I say
I'm not loving you for what you are but for what you'r not
I love these lines and have 'used' them on many occasions. (I promise, honest, I confessed that they were not my lines)

Fairport Convention have covered Dylan quite a few times, Million Dollar Bash, Tomorrow is a long time, Down in the Flood, Si Tu Dois Partis, Open the Door Richard, Country Pie, Percy's Song, George Jackson, there may be more. Let me know if you are aware of any more.

'Great Job' Sandy beautiful Vocals.

It is rumoured that Dylan wrote the song for Nico (of Velvet Underground fame) after a 'liason' and it appears on her solo Album 'Chelsea Girl'. Marianne Faithfull also does and excellent version on her Album 'Strange Weather'.

I have included an absolute GEM, Nico and the  'Pocketknives's odd beauty remix' of 'I'll keep it with mine'.

Nico - she could have kept mine with hers, at no cost

Nico - I'll Keep it with Mine - Pocketknives odd beauty remix

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DYLAN COVER # 10 - Fairport Convention/Nico - I'll keep it with Mine
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19 August 2011 at 09:55

Hey there, you've been posting some fabulous stuff lately. Sorry for the lack of love from TIG, we've been so busy remodeling the site that we haven't been able to connect with anyone lately.

Hope all is well, and wanted to let you know that you're sharing some great stuff.

The Internet Garbage

19 August 2011 at 20:38

One of Dylan's most incredible songs (and ain't that saying something?!). The Fairport version is so tenderly lovely. Nice did a fine job, too. I love Bob's rather rough and ready versions, too.

Great post.