Sunday, 14 August 2011


A tandoori mixed grill of tunes which whetted our appetites this week.

The Kills - DNA
I usually would dismiss this (over-hype), but this guitar hook alone made me get The Kills - Blood Pressures album - and I'm really loving it.  Without knowing much about the band, it made me think of The White Stripes - I quickly realised that this was probably due to the singer, Alison Mosshart working with Jack White in The Dead Weather - either way, her & Jamie Hince (Mr Kate Moss) are doing a grand job here.... great tune!
Old Pa's Corner:-
GIVERS - Saw you First

I heard a track by them, 'Up Up Up', which I thought was interesting and then when I heard this one it was a case of I must hear some more. Nice drumming an Afro-beat appeal which seems to be the vogue at the moment.

They definitely sound a bit like Vampire Weekend-ish or Cloud Control-ish, it is all very pleasant and all very acceptable for a nice summers day and maybe thoughts of the BBQ and a few cans of Skol Super Strength Lager, chilled to perfection.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle (2011)
It's now written in musical folklore that Bombay Bicycle Club were named after a local curry house in their area of London and as a result, the owner has given them free curry for life. Genius! Free food for life? I would recommend any budding bands out there to do the same! It's what I would have done...I can see it now..'Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you the Falafel Kings!'

I heard this track a few times and it's the wonky piano riff that did the damage along with it's great simple melody, complete with a nice soul clap finish. They also seem to be having a bit too much fun in the video, which is a little annoying but I'm just a miserable bastard. I have enjoyed their last two albums of contrasting styles (Flaws was more folky) and I will be looking forward to their new one out later this month fo sho!

I don't really know if the owner of Bombay Bicycle Club restuarant has given the lads free curry for life but he should at least guarantee a poppadom supply.

Hungry for more tracks of the week??

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4/ 5


15 August 2011 at 21:41

Sfw - Loving the ping pong ball beat, will give this a couple of listens. Same with the Givers, may need a couple of Super Skols to get in the mood. Bloody Bombay Bicycle Club vid, it's rubbing my rhubarb!

16 August 2011 at 09:52

Sfw another good one and that girl singer, shes dirty
Mumbai ricshaw ensemble...just feel it needs a little bit of somthing more spicy hot...maybe requires a second helping

16 August 2011 at 10:02

yes a grower was worth the second helping...i may have it for dessert as well