Sunday, 21 August 2011


Two tracks that buzzed our towers this week! Do you have any 'Top Guns'? Let us know

Wild Beasts - 'Reach a bit Further' (2011)

Wild Beasts - Reach A Bit Further by DominoRecordCo

Angry apes favourite, Wild Beasts have been on heavy rotation in the flycasual household for a couple of months now. 'Smother' is such a consistently good album that it's been very hard to pinpoint an individual track as my favourite. Then after driving home one sunny afternoon from a near perfect day at the beach, this song came through. Whether it's the beat, melody, the sand in my ears or Hayden Thorpe's fabulous voice delivering an infectious chorus, it's all good. It's a short tune which leaves you wanting more.

Sfw was unavailable for comment. CIA drones tracking him earlier, reported seeing him stagger out of the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff after the Welsh rugby team gave the Argentinian boys a good seeing to. They couldn't get a clear shot for an air strike and lost him. He's probably off singing somewhere.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Errol Linton - 'Mama Said' (2011)

Errol Linton - Mama Said (2011)

I was browsing the other day (like you do) and came across this guy Errol Linton, as I never heard of him before I sampled a few of the tracks on his album 'Mama said' and the title track just blew me away. It was just like an old blues track from way back, mouth harp and all. There was just so much energy, I did not hesitate and had to buy it right away.

The 'Busking Brixton Bluesman' is apparently a bit of a legend in 'underground circles', he quite literally plays in the London Underground with his one man band. Can't wait to hear the rest of his album. Stardom awaits Errol.

Before you here for other tracks of the week!

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21 August 2011 at 10:23

Was looking forward to their new album, loved their previous one, but if the truth be know I am a little dissapointed, saying that 'Reach a bit Further' stood out for me and was on my shorlist for Tracks of the week, for somtime now.

22 August 2011 at 10:06

For some reason the Wild Beasts track won't play for me. I'll check them out.

LOVE the Errol Linton track. Not heard of him before and I must find some more stuff. Cheers, Old Pa!

22 August 2011 at 10:07

Wild Beats now playing! Nice.

22 August 2011 at 13:41

Fly - For some reason, I haven't really given Wild Beasts any air time. I had only heard "All The King's Men" which I loved and this track hits the spot. Will have to get their album.

Ol' P - Nice bluesy number. Have to keep an ear out when using the Tube, mmm hmm yes sir boss!