Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Clash - 'This is England'

'WEDNESDAY CLUB' is in mourning

The Clash - 'This is England'

It is with great sadness and disgust that I am preparing this post and I feel ashamed to be called British. I am watching TV, it is 0100 hrs 9th Aug in Spain and what I am witnessing is almost beyond my comprehen

'This is England' 

It is obvious that there must be so much underlying resentments / boredom / unemployment, which has just exploded, when the tinder stick was lit. But how can you condone the mindless violence, destruction, fire, looting, stealing and blatant opportunism. We are not a kick away from anarchy, adults and kids with smiles on their faces, even if they are not hidden by scarves with no regard for anyone but themselves. They don't know or realise or care what they are doing. There is a stink of organization in the air.

The question is why? and what can be done? I have never done National Service, but there is a case to bring it back, it may give people a chance to respect themselves and have a sense of purpose. It will never happen but is it just a thought.

I wanted to do a Clash post (one of my favourite Bands) but not in these circumstances and it is with apologies to the Clash that I have used their song.

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Clash - 'This is England'
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10 August 2011 at 10:01

With you all the way, Old Pa. I don't believe this rabble have any political agenda at all - this is all about soulless greed. 'White Riot' is a song that has been going through my head a lot lately but then I stop myself and think, 'No, I *don't* want a riot of my own' because this is just all bollocks - mindless opportunists taking advantage of the fact that Britain has seemingly lost all its moral fibre. Now, who's to blame for that? We *all* are, I suppose. What do we do about it? I haven't a clue. Perhaps it's too late.

10 August 2011 at 11:11

I was a late convert to The Clash, and when I listen to them I can hear the 70 & 80's working class turmoil, political resentment & Punk edge. There anger was wanting to work, but no jobs available. Unfortunately, we now live in a Britain, where there is a generation that expect everything given to them, they crave the footballers lifestyle, but are unwilling to work.....This is England! (This is Britain)