Sunday, 18 September 2011


A three pronged folk attack for the tracks of the week. Do you have any tracks to assault us with?

Old Pa's Corner:-
Richmond Fontaine - 'Lost in Trees' (2011)

I have followed RF since their 'Post to Wire' album a few years back and was pleased to find they have a new album release 'The High Country'. RF are an 'Americana' band and tell of dark stories of love, regret and pain. Just up our street, stuff we can identify with.

This track is about a trip to the woods which goes horribly wrong, one too many I suppose, we have all been there of course, to that dark place in the woods. Haven't we??

This is a fast paced 'rocker' with fast paced drumming, an adrenalin rush, I hope you like it? I do!

The boys preparing for a night in the forest

Laura Marling - 'Sophia' (2011)

I've just spent the last week catching the last of the summer's rays in the south west of France (yes it was very nice thank you), with my wife, Sophie. Whilst we were there it was our anniversary (again thank you) and as the more romantic of the two, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a song to her. Despite my wife pointing out that it was the wrong name and a song about relationship issues, we had a nice evening out and it was eventually thankfully received. Anyway what's a rogue 'a' between husband and wife.

I've never really been into Laura Marling, probably as it generally isn't the sort of thing I go for but I heard this song a few weeks back and I thought it a sweet song. After a few listens it's all but sweet, I was also captivated by her voice, the melody and loved how it builds up to a crescendo. A fabulous song now cemented by the nauseating romance story in the south of France.

Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up (2011)
I've been listening to this all week and it's just impossible to shake off.  I hate saying the "...he sounds like.." phrase as it can pigeon hole someone - i.e. if I say he sounds like "jose gonzalez" you may be happy, if I say "Mumford and Sons" you may be not....either way there's elements of both.  Ben Howard is part of the Communion Records 'gang' (Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn, Benjamin Francis Leftwich...) and this is his new single and is on his new Album - it's good stuff!

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4/ 5


18 September 2011 at 12:28

SFW - nice track and worthy of follow up, does he not sound a bit like jose gonzalez??

FC - meaning to check out the LM album, quite like this taster

20 September 2011 at 13:38

Love the Lost in the Trees track, sounds like one my usual camping trips. They sound a bit like Drive by Truckers?! But that's good.

Ben could be a grower. Not something I get too excited about usually but thanks to this blog I get exposed to it. Love the video..02:58 can't beat soap in the mouth!