Saturday, 15 October 2011

Shapeshifters - 'Lola's Theme'

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Shapeshifters - 'Lola's Theme' (2004)

The mild summer weather is holding on for dear life and while the sun has still got his hat on, I will continue to bask in the summer tunes. This was one of my top 3 songs of 2004 and I loved it so much I must have put it on 3 CD compilations that year! A mega music faux pa!

Lola's theme - Not a shifter!
As my husband and I love discovering/rediscovering music and sharing it with each other
(what a good idea!), we create a new CD compilation every few months when we have a "glut" of tracks old and new. Usually consisting of 20 songs of our choice(no questions asked), we alternate tracks so we both benefit from the exposure of new music which we might not otherwise have heard, mixed in with our latest obsession! One of my all time favourite mixes was simply titled "Summer Break" in which I enforced the criteria of "up beat, summery songs to listen to when its hot!" This CD was made especially for a weekend break to Bournemouth which so happened to be during one of Britain's rare but extremely enjoyable heatwaves! 

Whenever I hear Lola's Theme, I am transported to that drive down to Bournemouth during which the CD had it's maiden play. There were smiles on our faces, our sunglasses were on, the flip flops were packed and the uplifting lyrics extended the promise of a glorious weekend! The trouble is, we weren't the only people with the idea of spending it with our toes in the warm seemed the whole of Britain was on the beach that day! The scene was straight out of a "Where's Wally?" (or Waldo for our American friends) book; kids digging giant holes and running around with melting ice creams, mums screaming at them to put sun block on, dads looking miserable because they wanted a beer in the nice shadey Wetherspoon's pub near by, and groups of insecure spotty teenagers wishing they had the confidence to display their new Primark bikini's or shorts. You really can't beat a sunny British summer's day!

Catch up with more tracks from my Saturday Night Jukebox posts here or playlist below, full of Guilty Pleasures, everyone's got one!

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Shapeshifters - 'Lola's Theme'
4/ 5


18 October 2011 at 09:41

Great post you are on a roll, love the Bournemouth Pic, I think I spotted Neo, he was the odd one out in the Matalan shorts

21 October 2011 at 15:31

I can see this being a 'happy place song' for you. I Wish I had a similar song as it was needed the first weekend of Oct as I and entourage headed south to catch the last of the summer sun. Caught in traffic for an hour yards from the beach only for us to be confronted by similar scene to the above picture, purgatory. Sounded like a plan to me at the time, except the whole of the south of England had the same idea too.