Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Runrig - Always the Winner

MIDWEEK CRISIS, still on that loosing streak, come to WENESDAY CLUB today we've got Runrig and with them you can win again.

I'll take the high road
RUNRIG - Always the Winner

I first became aware of Runrig when I was visiting my home town of Inverness and my sister had a spare ticket for a live show, her friend got so pissed, she collapsed backwards, creating a vacuum in the delighted dancing crowd, I loved it, I was hooked, it was just what I needed at the time. I was living abroad and a Scottish fix was always welcome. I know what your thinking and no a Scottish fix does not have to be deep fried mars bars washed down with a buckets of Buckfast.

I immediately bought all their back catalogue and this track came from the new release at the time 'The Big Wheel', they have a great sound and although there is always that Scottish feel, it is not over bearing. The singer Donnie Munro has such a unique voice, it is up there with my favourites.

Before you write the song off, its a going to war song, like 'Purple Heather'.

Donnie left Runrig to pursue a career in politics and my late sister answered the door one day only to be met by a smiling Donnie Munro doing his canvasing thing,
Always the winner                                            

Well Donny, you can count on my vote. You will be 'amazed' how good a 'Best' of is.

Deep fried Mars Bar not for you? Well try Wednesday Club instead

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Runrig - Always the Winner
4/ 5


26 October 2011 at 08:37

Great story, but not for me. Sadly the curse of the 80's "rock" producing (i.e. the lifeless drums & keyboard) strikes again. Sorry!

26 October 2011 at 10:49

Great story indeed, was never sure about Runrig but I like the idea of a Scottish fix after living in Saudi. God knows how many times you played this, it's probably why I like it (not sure the drums and keyboard are that lifeless though but 80's production has a lot to answer for). I think the actual song the 'Big Wheel' was my favourite.

27 October 2011 at 20:11

I like Runrig no matter what anyone says. This is a great song and gives me the feeling of home. Probably because of it being played constantly!