Saturday, 26 November 2011

GUEST SPOT # 26 - Belle and Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane

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Belle and Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane on MUZU.

Belle and Sebastian - 'Lazy Line Painter Jane' (1997)

He's back! It's our regular and valued guest spot contributor Neo (AKA London Scouser). He may have had hair like Maggie Thatcher once, but after seeing Breaking Dawn he is trying to go for a more "if Edward was a nerd" look! Hairstyles asides, find out what song he "imprinted" on....

There are a lot of bands that I like, but there are only a few that I LOVE. Belle & Sebastian are one of those precious few. I remember Chris Evans once played a song on the radio and said that it was in his Top Ten songs of all time. He then added that there are about 100 songs in his Top Ten. I’m the same I think, but one exception to that rule is Lazy Line Painter Jane. It is without doubt my “All Time Favourite Record Of All Time”. The organ is breathtaking to listen to and the guest vocals from Monica Queen are amazing. I dare anyone to find fault with this song! 

I was a little late getting into them if I’m honest. Their first few albums passed me by. I knew of them, but had never heard anything until Legal Man came on the blew me away right from the start. It has such a Sixties feel about it with the harmonising and bongo drum beat. As a result I bought the CD single and waited for their album – Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant. When I listened to the album for the first time my initial reaction was not that impressed. For a start Legal Man wasn’t on it and the songs were a completely different style. It took a few more plays for me to get into it. Check out the awful lip syncing on their Top of The Pops debut! Surely that's il-Legal Man!

A couple of years passed and my then girlfriend (now wife) came home and said she heard a catchy song on the radio called I’m A Cuckoo by B & S. As soon as I heard it my love affair with the band was rekindled. As a result I went on a mad spree of getting everything they had recorded and haven’t stopped listening to them (and driving people mad about them) since.

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GUEST SPOT # 26 - Belle and Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane
4/ 5


26 November 2011 at 15:35

Never really been a big fan of Belle and Sebastian but the songs that I have liked have been outstanding. Some of their newer tracks like 'Blues are Still Blue' and 'I Want the World to Stop' have been excellent and as a result of a London Scouser best of mixtape and also seeing them in concert, I have certainly warmed to them and their 'camp' rock. This track is magnificent though, one of, if not my favourite ever duets.

27 November 2011 at 08:56

One of my fav B&S songs, I was looking for a fault but can't find one...great post!

29 November 2011 at 11:10

I remember when I first heard this, I started to take Belle And Sebastian more seriously. What an epic, I love it! Good post.