Sunday, 6 November 2011


Remember, remember the 5th of November, ok so it's the 6th but here are some right fireworks for y'all to enjoy. Let us know if you have any for us!!

Old Pa's Corner:-
10ft Ganja Plant - My Roots feat Sylford Walker (2011)

I just felt like a nice bit of Reggae. Some days you just feel like that. You know what I mean, you wake up with a bit of a head and you are maybe just a pace or so, too slow. I had a search around and the name 10 Ft Ganja Plant sort of stood out! What sort of name is that? Is it a joke or something? I bet they are rubbish. Anyway, I gave it a go and wow! This really hit first time and was even better the second. This is good Reggae. It is as good as 'modern' reggae gets (what do I know) but its what I needed today. I hope it gives you a lift too and even better, a natural high.

I had to get that in. Sorry!

Down to earth

If you like it, check dis, Burning Spear's - My Roots, similar vibe and even better
Burning Spear - 'My Roots'

Thomas Dolby- Spice Train (2011)

My ears pricked up when I heard this exotic number on the wireless last week, with its Hot Chip-esque beats, Arabic strings and Balkan/Mexican brass (I can't decide which), needless to say I was intrigued as to who it was. I was surprised to find that it is none other than 80's electronic wizard, Thomas Dolby, with his first release in almost 20 years and even longer still since his classic, 'She Blinded Me with Science'.  It was so good that I bought it immediately. I kinda wanted to don a pith hat, a safari suit and smoke some Camels except I'd end up probably looking like a naughty Cub Scout, not a good look for someone in their late 30's. 

Shell Hunter:-

After being force fed Kiss FM at work for several hours this song hit me like a sledge hammer. I love it when it happens. Over the hustle and bustle of ringing phones, walkie-talkies going off, photocopiers rattling and my co-workers making animal noises, I stood up and ran to the radio and turned it up. "What is this, I really like it?!" Thanks to the wonder of the Shazam's app, the mystery was instantly solved. It's got great head bob and toe-tap ability, not to mention it's uplifting feel. Goose bump city! I remember Benny Benassi's song 'Satisfaction' but hadn't heard anything else from him since so was pleasantly surprised to see his name. After looking into Chris Brown a bit more too, it seems he is a jack of all trades: singing, songwriting, acting and not to mention one hell of dancer! Anyone who's dance routines are compared to none other than Michael Jackson is okay in my book!


Gillian Welch - Thats the way it will be (2011)

This track features on Gillian Welch's 2011 album 'The Harrow & Harvest' and incorporates Bluegrass, Americana. She's worked with Ryan Adams, Ani Difranco, Alison Krauss & The Decemberists to name a few and is perfect Sunday morning melancholy.

Penny for the Guy? No don't bother, just check out our other tracks of the week!

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4/ 5


7 November 2011 at 16:12

Pa - I love ganja! Err..I mean I love that 10ft ganja song! Spot on for a bit of reggae relief!

Fly - Really like this, not sure if I'm familiar with his stuff so will check out the science one fo sho.

Sfw - Perfect for Sunday mornings, or Monday afternoons as that when I'm hearing it! Reminds me of The Arlenes(ask Old Pa)

7 November 2011 at 17:35

FC yeh I don't remember 'science' either...interesting track tho'

SFW nice track and as SH says quite similar to the Arlenes 'Lonesome won't leave me alone' a real classic

SH actually enjoyed this even the dance moves and the scooters

8 November 2011 at 12:01

10ft sounds a bit like a coherent Lee Scratch Perry, this is good, very good with great dub effects...hear meh kno!

Chris Brown, is a very naughty boy. This is OK, I would not normally go for this as the closest I get to clubbing these days is waving a glowstick around at bonfire night. Good moves, good threads and if they used skateboards instead of scooters I may have been swayed.

8 November 2011 at 12:07

oops, poor Gillian Welch with the Sunday morning melancholy tag but it fits that mood nicely. Arlenes? eh?

8 November 2011 at 13:17

Gosh, I didn't realise Chris Brown was THE Chris Brown! I still love the song though!

8 November 2011 at 20:16

Flycasual: The 80's and definitely back! On the whole, this may seem like a bad thing but sounds like this make it seem not such a horror parade after all.

Old Pa's: Nice choices. I'm not aware of 10ft Ganja Plant (haha!). You can't ever go wrong with Burning Spear.

Sfw: Absolutely brilliant. Must get her new one. I do sometimes think that Dave Rawlings should get a name check one her albums, though. Much of the sound is down to him. Why not be known as a double act?

10 November 2011 at 09:47

Flycasual - Sounds like something that would be playing in a certain Hamburg disco!

Old Pa - Good stuff and I do think it would fit perfect in a 'Hairdressers Playlist' - "My, Roots!" - Sorry!

Shell - A potential dancefloor classic,(if I ever went to one!) although Rhianna might not agree!