Sunday, 20 November 2011

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 20/11/2011

Four tracks that scratched our backs this week.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Tom Waits - Back in the Crowd (2011)

On Monday I got and unexpected e-mail from my sister in Canada, she said she loved the track I'd sent her. What track? I immediately went to the 'sent' items and found this track, I had sent it to the world! It then all came flooding back. We had a great meal by the harbour, then went to a bar on the way home (like you always do) until thankfully we ran out of Euros. We returned home and Shellhunter and I had some musical afters. I remember she fell asleep and I decided to check out Tom's new album 'Bad as Me'. This obviously hit me big time and I wanted to share it with the world (piss artist!). I still loved it on Monday and I still love it today.  It is the gentler side of Mr Waits.

Cass McCombs - The Same Thing (2011)

In my search for new music I've started to check Record Labels and search through their websites to discover (or re-discover) artists that I've neglected.  This week, I've been digging through the Domino Records (Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, Wild Beasts) vaults and I think I've got a cracker. Even though I love this track, I just cannot figure out what song reminds me of - and I know I'll be kicking myself (all suggestions welcome!). It is by the American songwriter Cass McCombs (great name) and features on the album 'Humour Risk' that was released this week.  I haven't given him any attention previously - even though he's released over 6 albums since 2003 and 'Humour Risk' is second of 2011 (after 'Wit's End') - but this track alone must justify a serious bit of rummaging through his back catalogue.

Shell Hunter:- 
Dry The River - 'Weights and Measures" (2011)

I was working at a boarding gate a few weeks ago for a flight bound for the USA and spotted five guys with beanie hats, skinny jeans and plimsoles on. They've got to be a band! Being the nosey parker I am, I went over to see if I could get a clue who they were. The security agent asked them what reason they were traveling to the States for: "Business", damn, no help there. One of their entourage said, "They're in a band but I'm just going to watch." Aha! I was right! I asked if I would have heard of them and one of the members mentioned they had just toured with Bombay Bicycle Club! Obviously impressed I asked who they were; Dry the River and their album was soon to be out. I promised I'd keep an eye out and here's the proof, guys! 'Weights and Measures' is the title song from their 4 track EP released on the 14th November and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. The vocals remind me a little of Bon Iver or Jeff Buckley and is right up your street if you're into the growing number of talented Americana, Folk-rock bands that are out there. Let the heart felt emotion wash over you!


My Morning Jacket - 'Holding on to Black Metal' (2011)

Great track from My Morning Jacket, taken from their latest offering, Circuital, released earlier this year. I just love the 'big sound' of this song, big choir, big brass and big riff, it's also heavier than what I'd normally associate MMJ with. Then again I have only heard a couple of the 6 or so albums they've released, so perhaps there is a darker, heavier side to them and they are indeed hanging on to black metal. I saw them play on Jools Holland a couple of weeks ago and that performance clinched it for me to include the hirsute rockers here. Quite an interesting video though, I don't get out much these days and I certainly can't handle my liquor as well as I used to but I'll definitely have what he's having.

My Morning Jacket, what a bloody racket!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 20/11/2011
4/ 5


24 November 2011 at 11:18

Pa - hate to admit it but it is rather pleasant for raspy Tom.
Sfw - love this! Don't know if you'll agree but I get Tom Petty and Electronic from this. Definitely worth a rummage head first.
Fly - big band tastic! Good wholesome rock and roll singalong!

25 November 2011 at 09:46

beeding 'ell guys, 3 corkers, I played Cass, 3 times before I moved on, what a track, i do remember listning to his Catacoumbs album and there was a couple of good ones on that as I remember. Dry the River are ones to watch, another superb track and yes a hint of the Foxes there and all washed down by MMJ, great brass, great breakfast since Buddy's in Brighton

26 November 2011 at 09:17

Cass Mccombs' track is fantastic, never heard of the guy and I definitely would like to hear more after this. In fact right up there in my tracks of the year! Giant Sands 'Flying around the Sun...' comes to mind and there are elements of Beck there too.

No doubt Tom Waits is showing a more soulful and softer side in this track. I'd like to hear the album though. Like you said he's a bit like Marmite, some dodgy songs and some real gems.

Not so sure of your friends Dry the River yet, SH prob need to hear a couple of tracks to make a judgement.