Sunday, 27 November 2011


Four Thanksgiving turkey dinners to stuff yourself with. As always, we'd love to hear if you have any Chipolatas for us...

ME&LP - 'La Belle Tocade' (2011)

I've just spent the last few days visiting my parents, it's always so good to see them but leaving is such a downer. The two and half hour flight home though is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some music and this track stood out, hooked by its melody and completely mirroring my mood with its laid back melancholic feel. Singer, Lisa Papineau, soothing me with her airy vocals. There seems to be a trend of girl/boy combo bands around at the moment and some can be as nauseating as a pair of his and hers jumpers. Thankfully ME&LP are more Sonny and Cher than Kylie and Jason, as this song proves. I am looking forward to hearing more from them and you can get hold of their 6 track EP, 'Chez Raymond' here.

Me and Lp, getting ready for a feed at Chez Raymond

I'm from Barcelona - 'Always Spring' (2011)

"I'm from Barcelona" are a 29 piece pop band, ironically not from Barcelona but from Sweden. Named after Manuel from Fawlty Towers - that's what Wiki Says - they write lush, upbeat, pop music that have elements of Phoenix/Arcade Fire and despite it now being late November, it makes me think of summertime pop!  This could have been my song of the Summer!

Shell Hunter:-
New Build - 'Finding Reasons' (2011)

You've got to love being "friends" with your favourite artists on Facebook. You get all tomorrow's gossip yesterday. It's here I saw that Al Doyle and Felix Martin, from Hot Chip fame, together with pal Tom Hopkins have been working on a side project called New Build. It looks like Finding Reasons(download it free here) was the first song available for public release back in September. It's an excellently slow, slightly haunting number with a mad deformed guitar solo, smack bang in the middle. Not forgetting a cheeky little signature steel drum ending! A whole new album should be ready sometime in 2012, however for those that can't wait, their first 12" single called Misery Loves Company is due for release this Monday! They are also playing live at London's Islington Electrowerkz on Tuesday 29th! Sorry about the late notice!

Old Pa's Corner :-
The Twilight Sad - 'Sick' (2011)

You cannae beat a good Scottish group especially if they sound like this. All the boxes are ticked here (well for me), this just blew me away when I heard it. It is dark, it is brooding and that Scottish brogue tipped the balance and knocked me over the edge. I for one will be checking out the back catalogue. I had another track all lined up but this just screamed at me and I'm afraid you will have to wait until next week for the other treat.
Och! man

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4/ 5


27 November 2011 at 12:01

FC had to listen again and nothing to do with the (was it naked bodies)nice feel(and thats not being funny)
SFW a bit upbeat to the usual (well it is the week end I suppose)but I like it, will check BCN out further
SH well she is on a roll, what a track, up to their high standard..looking forward to that single tomorrow and anything else that comes out, nice one

28 November 2011 at 07:41

Nice choices. I particularly like I'm From Barcelona - are they really a 29 piece band??!!

Thumbs up to The Twilight Sad for the accent. If only more folk sang in their local tongue.

28 November 2011 at 08:33

Bear - yep that's what their website says!

FC - I really like this track, the singer sounds a bit like Roisin Murphy - discuss - but the video makes them look like a bunch of fools.

SH - Good track from the Chip Shop Boys, (Great band name) - Peter Gabriel???

Pa - Nice dark stuff, I can see me listen to more of this - The Editors???

I'm still loving 'I'm from Barcelona', It's such a great tune, and he's even sporting the classic movember look, debonair, yet casual.

29 November 2011 at 10:59

Fly - really liked this. Wonder if I'll like them as much as The XX? Amusing video...
Sfw - I wish I heard this in the summer, it would have been ideal. Love the name too!
Finding Reasons vocal being Peter Gabriel - yes for sure!
Pa - not bad at all! The accent clinches it for me. Definitely a touch of the Editors, sfw, I get that straightaway.

5 December 2011 at 19:16

Sfw, I thought the girl sounded like, dare I say it, Lana Del Rey. Silly vid, good vibe.

SH, I'm all over this track, got my name on it and everything. Thanks.

Sfw, not sure about this, I don't know if it's resentment for not actually having a summer or what but I will have another go.

I thought the same as Sfw on this, it sounds like the Editors with a wee bit of Elbow. I'd be intrested to hear more.

5 December 2011 at 19:25

No, no actually scratch that, 'Always Spring' is a great tune. Perfect for this time of year too. I'm just a miserable bastard.