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DYLAN COVERS # 28 - Wanda Jackson, Barb Jungr, June Tabor. Thea Gilmore - 4 from 2011

Snow over Interstate 80

Here are 4 Dylan Covers from the Girls all released in 2011. This was a great year for Dylan Covers with many compilation releases and live shows all celebrating the great man's 70th birthday. Don't forget we have to look forward to the Amnesty International Dylan cover extravaganza which will be released in January 2012. Oh! I can't wait for that after hearing the samples, I will definitely be buying that one.

WANDA JACKSON - Thunder on the Mountain(2011)

This is taken from Wanda's album 'The Party ain't over (2011)' and is a great version of 'Thunder on the Mountain'. Jack White from the 'White Stripes' was heavily involved with the album, you can't keep an 'old gal down'.

BARB JUNGR - Like a Rolling Stone

Next we have a stunning version of  'Like a Rolling Stone', this is a live version and is breathtaking. It is taken from her Dylan Covers album 'The man in the long Black Coat(2011)' another great album which  accompanies her first volume 'Every Grain of Sand(2004)' 

JUNE TABOR - 7 Curses(2011)

This one from the girls is by June Tabor and is taken from her album with the Oyster Band 'Ragged Glory(2011)' Another great album, look out for their superb cover of Joy Division's Love will tear us apart' 

THEA GILMORE - As I went out one morning

Thea Gilmore has been very busy this year releasing her covers album of the complete 'John Wesley Harding' as well as an album of songs with the words written by Sandy Denny . This is a live version of  'As I went out one morning' from JWH.

Happy Xmas and a great New Year to all the good people who Love Dylan and of course Dylan Covers, in fact make that to everyone in the whole wide world.  

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DYLAN COVERS # 28 - Wanda Jackson, Barb Jungr, June Tabor. Thea Gilmore - 4 from 2011
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23 December 2011 at 07:25

Great post, sir. Thanks for all the fine covers you've given us this year. I love the Wanda Jackson...she embodies the true spirit of rockabilly. Has June Tabor ever recorded anything that was less than excellent? Nope. I really enjoyed her take on 'Seven Curses'. Thea Gilmore - good one but I'd still take my old band's version of the song over anything else...sadly never committed to tape, so you'll have to take my word for it! I won't comment on Barb Jungr because I really don't get her and have never liked anything she has ever done to a Dylan song. Ooops! I have commented anyway. Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

24 December 2011 at 09:56

Many thanks for the comments and have a great Xmas, Ring them Bells!