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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 04/12/2011

Four Tracks to help you through your Yuletide logs...
Old Pa :-
Sandy Denny &Thea Gilmore - Long Time Gone(2011)
Sandy Denny & Thea Gilmore - Long Time Gone (2011)

This is taken from the album 'Don't stop Singing'. All the words are written by the 'late great' Sandy Denny and the music is done by Thea Gilmore. (Thea released an album earlier this year covering Dylan's John Wesley Harding in its entirety and thoroughly enjoyable that was too).The story behind the album and how the lyrics were discovered is documented extremely well here.

This is a really nice track and has all the hallmarks of fragility and melancholy which we associate with Sandy and with a brilliant performance by Thea. Congratulations Thea on a job well done! The rest of the album is pretty special too.

Eat More Cake - Glass Houses (2011)

I heard this track last month on a playlist I made and it stopped me in my tracks. The metallic, industrial beat creating a claustrophobic, dark and menacing atmosphere, which to me felt like a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack, a match made in heaven! I was looking after my 2 1/2 year old son at the time, and perhaps the CeeBeebies playlist was a far more appropriate ambiance to set but he didn't seem to mind, all part of his musical indoctrination I say (strategic cough over the f word of course). It's a great track from the London 4 piece and I'll be looking forward to hearing more from Eat More Cake, looks like I'm going to have to put the diet on hold.

You can download a free remix album of theirs here, includes an interesting lo-fi take on Stardust's dance classic, 'The Music Sounds Better With You', well worth investigating.

Eat More Cake, looking for the nearest Greggs.
Shell Hunter :-
MNEK - 'If Truth Be Told' (2011)

Don't knock it til you've heard it! This may look like its some cheesy pop act straight out of X-Factor but don't judge a book by it's high tops. MNEK is one talented individual. Only 17 and the music industry has already recognised his potential. The Guardian included him as one of the "10 of the next generation of music producers". 'If Truth Be Told' (available here) is his debut single as a recording artist but it seems he's already a veteran to the trade! It ticks so many boxes for me...80's sound, 90's sound, electro and pop. I'll be looking forward to throwing some shapes to this at my Xmas do. Love the video too, the running man wouldn't be out of place!

Sharon Van Etten - Serpents (2011)

If you look at different music sites you might have noticed the "buzz" about Sharon Van Etten recently, though I think this partly due to her brilliance and partly due to the crowd she's "hanging" with. This track has been recorded by The Nationals Aaron Dessner and will appear on the album Tramp, which features Dessner, Zack Condon (Beriut), the Walkmen's Matt Barrick, and Doveman's Thomas Bartlett amongst others - a hipsters who's from Pitchfork here - it's bloody good!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 04/12/2011
4/ 5


4 December 2011 at 15:11

Pa - a nice sad song. Perfect soundtrack to my hangover.
Fly - Great track and perfect comparison...Massive Attack and NIN, spot on!
Sfw - I like this, a hint of grunge about it and her voice is reminds me of PJ Harvey's.

4 December 2011 at 15:26

FC People in glass houses should eat more cake, great track with 'massive' appeal
SH not really my thing but I can see the appeal, may be a grower
SFW good track and I agree with SH like the grundgee feel in the background, definately one to watch

5 December 2011 at 09:50

FC - Glass Houses is such a great track! You're right about the Massive Attack meets NIN - great combo, like Tea & Cakes
Pa - Good Melancholy
SH - Probably a grower!

5 December 2011 at 17:59

Old pa, brutal, suitably painful, bloody jilted lovers!

SH, not at all into R&B really and is Mnek just another disposable pop icons? 17, artist, producer already and by the looks of it bags of style makes me think otherwise. I think we'll be hearing more from him fo sho!

A hipster's who's who...I like that. This is a grower I don't know why I like it but I do. Will put it on a playlist and I will work on her!