Wednesday, 21 December 2011

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Handsome Family - So Much wine

MIDWEEK CRISIS? It's Christmas you're sober, pour a glass of wine and come to WEDNESDAY CLUB, we've got the Handsome Family, lets spill some claret!

HANDSOME FAMILY - So Much Wine(2000)

It's not really a Christmas song in the true sense but it has all the ingredients of Christmas day, you should be happy but one too many glasses of wine and everything goes out the window.  Maybe that one wrong word you said that he or she picks up on, an old grievance surfaces and bingo the great atmosphere is gone. All that anticipation down the drain, it's all gone now. Who's fault was it anyway? I blame the wine, too much wine! it was! Wasn't it?

'and it will never be enough to save you from the bottom of your glass'

I first heard the Handsome Family on a sampler and I was instantly hooked. I immediately bought their album 'In the Air', it was magnificent I could not get enough. I loved the darkness, I loved the weirdness, Rene Sparks rules. She writes the songs and her husband Brett does the music and vocals, they are the odd balls of Alt-Country. I have seen them a couple of times and they are something else live, the banter is a joy. I once saw them when they were on the same bill as The Willard Grant Conspiracy and got my photo taken in between Rene and Robert Fisher of Willard Grant, what a great night, less said I think, too much of the vine I remember.

Anyway happy Xmas, I hope you like it. Oh! by the way there's a special down the 'offie' 5 bottles of wine for a tenner!
Its your round Brett
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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Handsome Family - So Much wine
4/ 5


21 December 2011 at 09:13

Fabulous song, see you on Boxing day, we can put it to the test!!!

21 December 2011 at 09:30

I think I had a 'Red Stripe' moment at one of their concerts. The Church, Islington, Neko Case was supporting I think. She's lush.

21 December 2011 at 09:32

Too much wine.... is what I say most weekends

Have a tipple on me!

21 December 2011 at 11:37

I had 'so much wine' last night as it goes! I love this song, one of my all time favourites. They are brilliant live but if I remember rightly, Willard Grant stole the show that night? We sat right at the front too! It was like being in their kitchen with them while they chatted away. Best behaviour at Christmas please!