Thursday, 19 January 2012

HIP HOP CLASSICS - Sweet Tee - 'It's Like That Y'all' / Public Enemy - 'You're Gonna Get Yours'

Raiders of the Lost Tape part 1

It was a recent foray into the wilds of that 'man sanctuary', the loft, that I found these lost gems. I had the task of putting away the Christmas decorations when I spotted a box with my name on it, realising that it may contain some hidden treasures, I hastily made my way to it. It was just like Indiana Jones finding the Ark of the Covenant but without all the kerfuffle and all the baddies. In amongst the battered Star Wars figures and my favourite gentlemen's entertainment magazines, were a whole bunch of my cherished mix-tapes!

Sweet Tee - 'It's Like That Y'all' (1987)

One of the tapes was a recording of A Fresh Start of the Week with Dave Pearce & DJ Roger Johnson on London Radio from back in 87'. It was probably one of the only commercial radio stations that would play any sort of Hip Hop at the time and it was never out of my Walkman. For fear of getting the tape chewed, I dusted off a tape player and only played a snippet from each side. One side had the classic, 'It's Like That Y'all', from the influential and original B-girl, Sweet-Tee, with that timeless and well used sample of James Brown's 'Superbad'.

Public Enemy - 'You're Gonna Get Yours' (1987)

But the other side, was a sensational track that introduced me to Public Enemy, 'You're Gonna Get Yours', which was taken from their debut album 'Yo Bum Rush the Show'. I remember listening to the show whilst doing my homework and I must have snapped my pencil when I heard it. It felt like I really was listening to something special, part of a musical revolution. This was serious Hip Hop, there was nothing else quite like it and what's more I felt it was sticking up a big fat middle finger to all the dross Stock, Aitken and Waterman were churning out. I couldn't wait to share what I heard with my other B-boy friend at school and ask him is opinion about the would be 'masters of the game'. He burst my bubble when he said "Oh yeah, PE, they're funny, they have a song with 'I caught you pissing in your pants' (a lyric from the forthcoming single 'Rebel Without a Pause)", missing the whole point.

I just need to convert the tape to digital to see what other gold nuggets there are. Word!

Public Enemy - 'You're Gonna Get Yours'
Sweet Tee - 'It's Like That Y'all'

Yes yes y'all, to the beat y'all. More Hip Hop

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HIP HOP CLASSICS - Sweet Tee - 'It's Like That Y'all' / Public Enemy - 'You're Gonna Get Yours'
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