Saturday, 21 January 2012

SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - Fun Lovin' Criminals - 'Loco'

Are you suffering a case of the January Blues? I know pay day (not to mention you're next holiday) seems so far away, so slip on a bit of FLC and let Huey and the boys transport you to hotter climes!

Fun Lovin' Criminals - 'Loco' (2001)

I've been meaning to revisit FLC for a while, maybe it's all the Huey exposure I've been getting listening to BBC6 in the afternoons whilst decorating my bathroom. Bliss (Huey's wiseguy radio talk, not the decorating)! Loco was one of my favourite albums probably because it was one of the only six that I took on my first girlie holiday to Cyprus. I loved the video of the single too with their white slacks and 70's shades! A few of my other top tracks were 'Half A Block', 'Bump' and the cover of 'Microphone Fiend'!

Would you like to see my boat?

When I say Cyprus was my first girlie holiday, I didn't mean 6 ladettes on a mashup week in 'Napa' but a civilised trip with my best mate in Limassol. I think we only saw about a mile in each direction of our hotel. We were naive and unadventurous, going to the same bar almost every night, had 4 Macdonalds while we were there, 2 full English' and a couple of Kleftikos. It was in our favourite bar (Duke's Bar - Keo £1) that during one evening we were appraoched by 2 older guys. They were not as I would describe as 'pulling material' and I couldn't stop thinking that one of them looked exactly like Malcolm Macdowell from Star Trek Generations. Unable to shift them, we let them buy us a couple of drinks. One of them bragged that he had the keys to a 3 million pound yacht. With the video of Loco in my mind, it sparked my interest. We decided to take a ride in their jeep to the marina to have a look at 'his' yacht. I have to say it was pretty impressive onboard but the fact he was trying to flaunt a yacht that he quite clearly didnt own was a bit sad. I mentioned we were naive right? Well I finally got the idea they expected us to be a sure thing when one of them asked if we wanted to see 'below deck'. To their dismay I answered "what for?" Awkward silence and hovering moment! Anyway luckily they weren't serial killers or anything, we asked them to take us back to our bar making up some excuse about going on a trip early the next morning and arranged to meet them at the bar afterwards. We never went back there!

Everything's cool and everything's smooth...Hey that's smooth

Aye Aye captain! Go below deck for more Saturday Night Jukebox!

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SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - Fun Lovin' Criminals - 'Loco'
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22 January 2012 at 15:47

You never told me this!! Older men, a Yacht! Good line though..'what for'. I was well into FLC for awhile and emulated Huey, I guess the only similarity was the weight. Loco was a good album but for me it was their debut album 'Come Find Yourself' which I still find a classic. Always a joy to listen to Huey's drawl and wisecracks on 6 music, he plays a great blend of tunes too.

25 January 2012 at 12:30

Probably walking into a joke trap here but don't you mean Donkey Punch?

25 January 2012 at 12:35

You are bang on it was called Donkey Punch!!!!!