Saturday, 7 January 2012

SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX - Seal -Future Love Paradise

Seal - 'Future Love Paradise' (1991)

I have to thank Absolute 90's for reintroducing this song to me. I remembered his excellent singles Killer and Crazy well, but perhaps this one slipped the net. I thought I would just add it to our holiday play list in 2010 when I went to Thailand for the third time in 3 years. I didn't think it would remind me of the holiday so much!

Hands up who likes Phi Phi

As we loved Phi Phi so much we decided to stay there for 3 nights this time as two nights seemed to feel so rushed. After our second day of baking in the sun we decided to have a few sun downer Changs on our veranda. As it was so quiet in September we were given an upgrade to a bungalow on the beach. Result! Discovering there were plug sockets outside, we popped in the iPod and listened to our holiday play list on deck chairs as the sky was going pink. It must have been the mood at the time, but I noticed every song seemed to have some lyric or sentiment about holidays, the sky, or Seal. Just to give you an idea, there was Stars - Dubstar, Darkness Descends - Laura Marling, and Sun Rising - The Beloved just to name a few. We'd not planned the play list, how weird was that? Well, the sun went down in spectacular fashion and all that was left was a few lights from the sea gypsys' longtail boats tied up while their skipper's had a few drinks themselves. I thought it couldn't get any more perfect until I felt something land on my face. I quickly brushed it away and tried to carry on chilling out with my beer. It was not an isolated incident and soon we were both getting continuously dived bombed on by numerous bugs, insects and by the little pipistrel bats that were trying to catch their dinner! With me jumping up and down squealing and flapping my hands across my face like a mad woman, the romance was well and truly dead! We decided to cut our losses and walk up the beach to the nearest bar.

A bug's paradise

Put some Mosiguard on and listen to more Saturday Night Jukebox here!

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SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX - Seal -Future Love Paradise
4/ 5


7 January 2012 at 19:35

Great playlist! Love the lush Trevor Horn production on pretty much all of Seal's stuff. Have just dug out Disgraceful and Happiness for another listen here too.

7 January 2012 at 21:29

Spot on Jon, there is just something about Seal's sound especially in the 90's that I can't help but instantly love. Might have to dig out this album as well as giving that holiday playlist another spin!

23 January 2012 at 18:22

I don't think I have ever heard this song before, very pleasant. There's a line in there that he uses in the song 'Killer'. What I'd do to be dived bombed by pipistrel bats right now, I suppose the tune would have been ideal in those surroundings.