Tuesday, 17 January 2012

WEDNESDAY CLUB - The Doors - 'Touch Me'

MIDWEEK CRISIS? You think you have nothing to hide? Come to WEDNESDAY CLUB we have the Doors and they know your deepest secret fears.

THE DOORS - Touch me (1968)

Bloody hell, I have 3 Club tracks to post and I was trying to decide which would be first when I saw this on Youtube and it just took me apart. What a fantastic video of Jim Morrison and The Doors. I was actually looking for one of my favourite Doors songs, 'The Spy' not a well known one I suppose but I just loved the nakedness of it.

'I know your deepest secret fears', I will have to save that for another day.

It is a shame when you hear that Jim was a bit of a 'dick' in real life but he was the ultimate rock star! Brilliant lyrics, beautiful looks but it's the same old story....what does go on between these 'goddamn ears'!?

I will tell you a Doors story,  I will try and make it quick!

I was round a friends house, John Mcewans's, we had a card game going on nothing to serious, 9 Card Brag or later bit more hardcore 3 Card Brag. I loved those card sessions and I usually won or broke even but this night it was the classic scenario, it was the last game, it was only me and John left in the game, I had 3 jacks after going blind..it was unbelievable! I bet everything, even borrowed from the company! John had 3 aces, 10 million to one chance...I was cleaned out. Lucky he was a mate, John (RIP) and I arranged to pay him over 3 months, (there is no guaranteed winning hand my friend). I stayed over that night at Johns and later went into town (Richmond, Surrey) before going home and to cheer me up I bought  'Weird Scenes From Within a Gold Mine' and yes that did cheer me up!

Now you know my deepest secret fears. Never bet on 3 Jacks!

Win some lose some! I say!

Touch me !!!!!

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - The Doors - 'Touch Me'
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18 January 2012 at 10:08

Great Story! That's my Pa! I had no idea that 'The Spy' was your favourite as it's probably mine after, 'Riders' and 'Car's Hiss by my Window'. Great video!

18 January 2012 at 11:06

Good story! Wow, shows how much I know, I wasn't even familiar with this one. Great video too! Jim was so hot but isn't his belt the same one Dierdre wears in Corronation Street? My faves would have to be Riders, L.A Woman and The End. Predictable maybe but who cares!

19 January 2012 at 08:51

Haven't listened to the Doors for years...I'll have to delve!