Thursday, 9 February 2012

DYLAN COVERS #35 - Bob Marley & Wailers/Wailin' Souls - Like a rolling stone

BOB MARLEY/WAILERS - Like A Rolling Stone(1966)
Bob and his Bunny

How about a bit of Reggae to cover our Bob...there has been a couple of Cover albums which I have to say I have enjoyed 'cause I love reggae anyway...But this Bob Marley/Wailers cover of LARS is a GEM, a little bit different words here and there, hey! but come on artistic licence and all that...its Bob Marley! Well actually it is not Bob Marley, but the lead singer on this is none other than Bunny Wailer part of Marley's then backing band the Wailers, No matter, I think it is cute and I like it anyway.

Dylan does have some songs in his catalogue which incorporate reggae rhythms, including "Man Gave Names to All the Animals" (from the album "Slow Train Coming) and "Dead Man, Dead Man" (from the album "Shot of Love"). Interestingly, Dylan worked with the legendary reggae rhythm section of Sly Dunbar (drums) and Robbie Shakespeare (bass) on the album "Infidels", though, surprisingly, there is hardly a hint of reggae among the songs. One of the songs, "I and I", was later remixed and included on "Is it Rolling Bob: A Reggae Tribute to Bob Dylan". Bob however quite often added some reggae beats to his songs in many of his live shows. A good example would be 'Knocking on heaven's door from 'Live at the Budokan.'

This next one is a fine version of LARS  by the Wailing Souls and is from their covers album 'Psychedlic Souls' (1998).

The more I looked into it the more Reggae covers I found and I will feature some more in the future.  

WAILING SOULS - Like a Rolling Stone(1998)

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DYLAN COVERS #35 - Bob Marley & Wailers/Wailin' Souls - Like a rolling stone
4/ 5


10 February 2012 at 07:47

The Wailers version is great, isn't it? It's like two songs for the price of one. Nice to hear Bunny on vocals (much underrated).

The Wailing Souls version is a new one on me and I like it very much indeed. Must hear more of that album. Looking forward to more reggae Bob covers at Tune Doctor.

16 February 2012 at 11:09

I wasn't so keen on the Wailing Souls version but the Wailers vershan is sublime!