Saturday, 11 February 2012

GUEST SPOT # 34 - T-Rex - Children of the Revolution

It's Saturday, it's guest spot day. If you would like to do a guest spot yourself just email us with a song you like and what it does to you....go on you could start a revolution!

This week we have Kirsty, an old school friend and fellow Scot from back in Saudi Arabia, who no doubt is having a better time with the weather down in Oz than we are. She was kind enough to remind me that I would often write nonsense in her school yearbook but that's water under the bridge now...right!? She's requested a classic and what a track it is, T-Rex and the irrepressible Mark Bolan

T-Rex - 'Children of the Revolution' (1972)

"Although I'm guilty of blasting the Femmes version too, this song reminds me of an angst ridden, misspent youth, staring at a motley crew in a smokey pool room and believing I was utterly invincible"

short and sweet, a perfect description of teenage life and that is just the song! Great video too, though I'm surprised there wasn't an emergency call to the Dance Police for offences 1:09 and 1:38 in the clip. Beautiful when the strings come in at the end!

here's the 1986 Violent Femmes cover

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GUEST SPOT # 34 - T-Rex - Children of the Revolution
4/ 5


11 February 2012 at 09:33

Great track! Will have to dig out some Bolan / T Rex to indoctrinate the kids today. Hadn't heard this cover, the Violent Femmes did pretty well with it.

11 February 2012 at 10:40

You just have to like T does'nt get better!!!