DYLAN COVERS #39 Renee Zellweger - Precious Angel/Jeremy Irons - To Make You feel My Love. 'The Filmstars Pt 1'

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A Precious Love

I thought I would go a little bizarre this week. Film Stars doing Dylan Covers. There are a few around so this is part 1, I will do some more in the future, maybe!

I will leave you to decide if you like them or not as I am sure many of you will be cringing at the mere thought of it.

I am trying to do Dylan Cover Posts which are a little bit different and ones that you may not yet have heard . I could easily do the classic Dyan Covers but it has all been done before, so what is the point?

First we have Renee Zellweger singing 'Precious Angel', it is from the Soundtrack of 'My Own Love Song' which is mainly Bob himself  (Tracks from 'Together Through Life (2010'). I have to say I quite like it, she has a pretty good voice, yes! I like this.
RENEE ZELLWEGER - Precious Angel(2010)

The second is by Jeremy Irons singing  'To Make You feel My Love' and is from the album 'Unexpected Dreams - Songs From The Stars'.

There is not a lot you can say about it really. If you know what I mean?.  Saying that, he was great in Brideshead Revisited.

Stick to the movies Jerry !

JEREMY IRONS - To Make You feel My Love(2006)

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Singing Bear said...

Top marks to Renee for 'Precious Angel'. It's really good.

Jeremy Irons? Pretty awful but I'd still rather hear this version that Adele's.

Anonymous said...

They both suck!

Thanks Anoymous .....I am glad you did not like it.....you got it!

flycasual said...

Oh dear, Renee gets on my moobs and she looks like she can burst into tears at any time. Jezza, that does suck, he made a gut German in Die Hard though. Stick to films, saying that any decent actors turn musicians? K Kristofferson or was that the other way round? Yes. Russel Crowe? No.

Fly - one word answer .... Kylie

flycasual said...

I said decent actors, LS.....but yes.