Thursday, 29 March 2012

GIVE ME A GUITAR!! - Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff/My Generation

Limp Bizkit - 'Break Stuff' (1999)

For a couple of years I unashamedly professed Limp Bizkit were my favourite band and got a lot of stick for it. I didn't take them too seriously of course, I just loved the satisfying riffage mixed with beats and Fred Durst's dropping of the 'F' bomb to emphasise his angriness. A prime example and probably one of their top songs is 'Break Stuff'. I remember Flycasual was going through a tough time at work and what better song to personify the emotions of being pissed off at dealing with idiots: 'Give me something to 'bout your f**king face!' Its much like I feel at the moment!

New recruits at work, ready for breaking

Limp Bizkit - 'My Generation' (2000)

Apart from the stupid name (Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water - and yes I know what it's referring to) this was my favourite album and the beginning of their demise in my opinion. There's the musical snob in me again, as soon as Rollin' hit the charts, it was bye bye Limp Bizkit! My Generation was another great example of fun with profanities however on the opposite end of the spectrum, I actually preferred the censored radio edit because instead of just blanking out the f words, they edited in amusing noises that went perfectly! It was also this song that I had a text battle using the lyrics with an unknown assassin which I soon discovered was a sly London Scouser who had obtained my number from Flycasual! Cheeky but obviously very effective!

After 14 years, I am finally going to see them live at O2 Brixton Academy on 29th May. I can't f**king wait y'all!

Yo, Shell Hunter, is that you?

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GIVE ME A GUITAR!! - Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff/My Generation
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29 March 2012 at 12:04

Work was tough and I had just been jilted by a long term girlfriend, not a good mix. Break Stuff was the perfect remedy, still makes want to kick over a recycling bin, at my age I'd pick it up now and hope the neighbours didn't see. I agree about My Generation, better with the beeps and a lot funnier. Enjoy the concert.