Saturday, 17 March 2012

PADDY'S NIGHT JUKEBOX! - House Of Pain - 'Jump Around'

Pour yourself a glass of St. Patrick's Day Irish Malt Lyrics!

House Of Pain - 'Jump Around' (1992)

All in the spirit of Paddy's day, heres a fantastic track from the patriotic Irish American geezers, House Of Pain. Oh the memories...1992 and I was 10 years old. 'Jump Around' got the same effect at parties then as it does now and as it probably ever will. Yes, it could be deemed as overplayed but come on, when you've had a few on a night out do you not get that instant reaction of "YES!" when you hear the brass band intro after a moments silence?!

J'like dags?

My bro being 8 years older than me means that when I was 10, it was party time for him. Especially when he came over on a break from school in the UK to Saudi. I remember on his 18th birthday, I don't think there were any plans. My parents said he could have a few friends over of course! All of a sudden, 4 friends became 8 and 8 became 16 etc. Word in Saudia City spread like wildfire and soon our house was full of revelling teenagers of all ages, plus my parents and their friends! I remember winding through the people dancing in our lounge and avoiding the weirdos shouting marriage proposals to me, to ask my mum if my best friend from across the road could stay over. How very polite of me considering there was already 45 people probably already crashing out there! When House of Pain came on that night (probably the first time of many) the reaction was mental, and everyone literally did jump around with all arms straight out above them in Hip Hop mode!

have a pint, it's lucky

Here's a classic advert to get you in the mood! Being half Scottish, its always nice to have an excuse to celebrate with my fellow Celts, so have an excellent Paddy's day everyone!

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PADDY'S NIGHT JUKEBOX! - House Of Pain - 'Jump Around'
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20 March 2012 at 09:31

One of the classics and a classic story I remember that night so very of these nights that just escalated from nothing...Oh! what a night! oh! what a Tune!

21 March 2012 at 16:20

God I remember a few of those parties, I think during the last summer we were in Saudi. They started out of nothing into a huge gathering of people. The music was so loud and everyone was throwing themselves about. Impromptu is always the best. I think Sfw made a suprise visit out of the blue and he had a few too many and started to play guitar, which killed the party!!