Saturday, 3 March 2012

SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! Jakatta - American Dream/My Vision

Jakatta - 'American Dream' (2000)

Here's two of my favourite dance tracks and I've only just realised that Dave Lee (better known as Jakatta or as his stage name Joey Negro) has used samples from Thomas Newman scores for both. If I had to pinpoint what I love about these two classic songs, it would have to be these poignant piano samples which feature in a couple of great films, American Beauty and The Shawshank Redemption.

American Dream and My Vision were frequently selected by me on the Jukebox at my local pub, The White Hart on the Bath Road in Cranford. I would put them on every time I monopolised the jukebox without fail as to hear them loud with a few pints, in the company of friends in warm and familiar surroundings couldn't be beaten. I recently heard the terrible news that this pub, which was the back drop to me growing up but more importantly has over a century's worth of history, is about to be bull dosed to the ground to make way for a Burger King, Starbucks and Subway. Like we need more of those!! Even though I haven't visited the pub in a long time, I was happy to know that it would always be there in case. It's definitely the end of an era for me. Farewell to the days of the bouncy castle after school, winning £5 on the Crystal Maze arcade game, a brilliant jukebox, stolen moments with my now husband before our relationship was official and many a drunken but happy night. Thank you White Hart!

From first steps to first pints, gone but never forgotten!

Jakatta - 'My Vision' (2002)

This is another super chilled dance song with the velvet voiced Seal (click for more Seal dance tracks here). He was made to do this sort of music for sure. Even the most stern of listeners will succumb to goosebumps!

Quick! Go to enjoy your local pub tonight while you still can! Put more money in the Saturday Night Jukebox!

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SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! Jakatta - American Dream/My Vision
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3 March 2012 at 21:19

Back drop to you growing up.....cheers parents!!! Good times there indeed. I love both tracks, I couldn't get enough of American Dream at one point. I also really like Thomas Newman's dreamy scores, especially the one he did for Scent of a Woman. Hooo ah!!

6 March 2012 at 13:52

Great dance tracks indeed....but shattering news about the mighty White Hart .... FC had his first steps in the garden many more old pubs in the area will be demolished in the name of progress and profit? Remember the Peggy Bedford? now a Macdonalds.