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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 11/03/2012 - The Chieftains Ft Bon Iver, Lost Prophets, Blood Red Shoes, Grimes


Grimes - Genesis (2012)

This is a fabulous piece of dreamy electronic psychedelica. I heard this cute song on BBC6 radio a few times and it definitely got my attention, though Canadian Claire Boucher, aka Grimes may have something to say about her song being referred to as cute (you think cute you think of disgusting viral emails of cats in suits and sunglasses so she has every right to be upset). But it's the first word I thought of when I heard it cute, with an edge though, maybe it's the catchy piano melody or her amazing voice, very unusual and compelling. 

Genesis is taken from her forthcoming album, Visions which is out on March 12th. It's her fourth EP/LP release in two years and I have to say I'm really looking forward to hearing it. Big ting gwan for Grimes I think.

Check out her cute blog here and her official website here where you can catch her new video 'Oblivion', It's well worth your time.

Lostprophets - 'Bring 'em down' (2012)

Pontypridd's finest have just released a video for their first single off their upcoming album "Weapons".  The video reminds me of a typical saturday night out down Taff Street, minus the chips & curry sauce! Tidy mun!

Old Pa's Corner :-
The Chieftains Ft Bon Iver - 'Down in the Willow Garden'

I have always loved the Chieftains they have such a unique sound maybe it is the harp and the whistle (good name for an Irish Pub) that does it, but it is a fabulous traditional sound. This is taken from their new album 'Voice of Ages' released in April. They have several albums out where they have guests, I have them all and they are superb. Here they include a few alt country artist amongst their other guests. See the outstanding list below. They even throw in a cover of Dylan's 'The time they are a changin' with the Decemberists.' Down in the Willow Garden'  is tailor made for Bon Iver and the boys. I will tell you this for nothing, this album has been given top priority by Old Pa.

Shell Hunter:-
Blood Red Shoes - 'Cold' (2012)

I'd heard some of Blood Red Shoes' stuff before but nothing really excited me. The 'power drumming' intro on this track though is so refreshing! There's seems to be so many of of these girl/boy twosome and threesome stripped back groups at the moment (see Band Of Skulls here, She Keeps Bees here, The Civil Wars here) but it is a winning combination to me. I've included 'Cold' recorded from their BBC1 live session and check the drummer's bare chest in 80's power drumming style! Their new album 'In Time To Voices' is out on 26th March. Everytime I hear Blood Red Shoes though it makes me think of The Wizard of Oz for obvious reasons. However there is a twist, I think of Dorothy because of two pub quizes I visited recently. One question was "What Is Dorothy's surname?" Not only did we get it wrong the first time but in the second quiz, we still got it wrong as we'd forgotten the answer! Very annoying! Oh it's Gayle by the way...

Hello chooms, why not take a sneaky peaky at our other tracks of the week!!?

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 11/03/2012 - The Chieftains Ft Bon Iver, Lost Prophets, Blood Red Shoes, Grimes
4/ 5


12 March 2012 at 09:24

FC if you have the times do the Grimes....definateley cute I say
SFW Taff Street here I come...what a pasting and he still finished the song....get that lad in the front row for next week...not too sure about the song thow?
SH Jury is out on this one may need a couple of spins

17 March 2012 at 12:55

I really enjoyed the Chieftain's one, your right that it's well suited for Bon Iver. Fabulous instrumentation as you'd expect.

The topless drumming is probably the most Rock n Roll thing I've seen in a long while, that's so funny. 'I gonna play the drums really hard....I need to take my shirt off!', I can see Will Ferrel do something like this in a film. Good song too.

18 March 2012 at 22:10

Fly - Really like that Grimes song...and yes cute it is!
Sfw - They've come a long way, not sure if they are my thing anymore but I still like good riffage every now and again.
Pa - Nice, the perfect partnership I think. What's the other stuff like on that album?