Sunday, 18 March 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 18/03/2012 - Skints, Agent Side Grinder, Beach Fossils, Clock Opera

Four tracks that, like all our mum's, were a beam of sunshine in our lives.

Shell Hunter:-
Clock Opera - 'Once and for All' (2012)

It's been an emotional week. All I'm saying is, you can't beat that raw emotion of happiness and relief! That brings me nicely to my track of the week. The song is euphoric and uplifting but watch out for the juxtaposition of another hard hitting video from the Clock Opera team! After seeing them live last year, I fell in love with there eclectic style. You can find out what I really mean by checking out their website and watching the 4 part "making of" their new album 'Ways To Forget' due for release on April 23rd and sign up for a free download. They're even creating a new track with random sounds that YOU upload to Soundcloud! The boys are touring heavily too so make sure you don't miss them. See you at the Guildford Boileroom guys!

Agent Side Grinder - 'Rip me' (2012)
Agent Side Grinder - 'Rip Me' (click to stream)

This week I've been feeling low due to my suffering from a serious bout of 'Man Flu', it's a serious affliction and there's no time for heroes, women will never understand.

To help with my recovery I came across Swedish Electro-industrial band, Agent Side Grinder, through Spotify's recommended new album section. 3rd album, Hardware, I found a little hit and miss but when the songs were good they were doggone good, enough to check out their back catalogue. 'Rip Me', is probably the first track that hit and has a fantastic retro sound which draws inevitable comparisons to Joy Division but there's also a sprinkling of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode in there too. Perfect to snap me out of my apocalyptic mood.

Check out their official site...
Here's a link to a live version of the song, it's not very good quality but worth having a browse.....

Old Pa's Corner : -
The Skints - Live East, Die Young(2012)
If yer Skint, beg steal or borrow!
The Skints - Live East, Die Young (2012) (click to stream)

There is a lack of this in the charts (who cares about the charts anymore, anyway) . Oh!  yes! reggae, lets have a revival, two tone, any tone, bring back old school reggae for me!....but this is from Old Pa!....this group are bright, refreshing, sharp, I love it! We need more of this. I would love to see these guys play live!  I am excited about this! I'm buying this!  Bloody great stuff! f***ing great stuff!

'You only get one life!'

If I was skint, I would beg steal or borrow!


Beach Fossils - Shallow (2012)

If you fancy some new Jangly, Indie Pop in your life you should try out this infectious track from Brooklyn's 'Beach Fossils'.  It makes me want to be young again and start up a band - of course this will not happen!  Download the mp3 for free through Stereogum (right-click 'save as')

More tracks of the week here...

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 18/03/2012 - Skints, Agent Side Grinder, Beach Fossils, Clock Opera
4/ 5


20 March 2012 at 09:22

FC This is great you can get the infuences but it is all stuff I like
SH nice trac complimented by approriate video.. I guessed the outcome....silly old sod!
SFW like this it definately has a feel good feel to it
Excellant stuff this week

27 March 2012 at 11:39

Fly - Brill! Really like the 80'sness.
Pa - what a find! Album is so refreshing!
Sfw - jangly indie on and I love it too. Perfect for spring.

27 March 2012 at 16:50

SH, another fantastically epic Clock Opera track with an equally brutal video. It must have tipped u over the edge after that week. At least the man got to keep her knickers.
Love the Skints, like you say it great to have a bit of reggae in your life or ska or two tone any tone, my sentiments exactly.
If you close your eyes you could be listening to Bombay Bicycle Club which is no bad thing. Beach Fossils not bad and there's a skater in the video. Teenage hi jinx, how did I ever survive those hangovers then?