Tuesday, 27 March 2012

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Bedouin Soundclash/Maytones - Money Worries

MIDWEEK CRISIS, money worries, your not the only one, come to WEDNESDAY CLUB we have got Bedouin Soundclash and they are in the same boat

BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH - Money Worries(2005)

'When the Night Feels My Song' was very popular in 2005, I think it was even used in an advert. For some reason it did nothing for me but 'Money Worries' turned out to be one of my favourite tracks of that year. It was a cover of the Maytones original. I have to say after hearing that, I will give it the edge, but both are good and you can listen to both and decide for your self.

So, if you have your money problems, you are a little concerned about paying the next bill. Why does it always have to revolve around money? Stop for eight or nine minutes, take some time out and enjoy these two tracks. It won't make you money problems go away but it will sure as hell make your ears taste pretty dam sweet!

Is that Michael Stipe?

MAYTONES - Money Worries(1979)

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Bedouin Soundclash/Maytones - Money Worries
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29 March 2012 at 18:57

Very nice. I'm with you on the superiority of the original but that's probably just because I'm so old school. Thanks for introducing me to the Maytones, who appear to have passed me by up to now.