DYLAN COVERS #43 - Bee Gees - Blowin' in the Wind, Beach Boys/Hollies - The Times they are a Changin'

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'Forever Young'  The Bee Gees

BEE GEES - Blowin' in the Wind(1963)

BEACH BOYS/HOLLIES - The Times they are a Changin'

Oh! I loved the sixties and all these groups that just sudenly appeard. It was a revolution, music was evolving, everything was new and exciting. there were so many great groups. I loved these times.

What about the first one here?,  if you have not seen this,  it is an amazing video of a very very young Bee Gees doing a cover of  'Blowin' in the Wind'. Don't they just look so cute.

Bit of a crap version, as is the Beach Boys doing a jokey party take of  'The Times they are a Changin'. But for novelty and historical value 10 out 10.

The Beach Boys track is from their album   'Beach Boys Party(1965)'   and was a stop gap release before the mighty 'Pet Sounds'  was unleashed on our voracious  greedy ears. The Hollie's is taken from their album the  'Hollies sing Dylan (1969)' which is actually not that bad and worth a listen.

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Singing Bear said...

That Bee Gees clip is hilarious! Mere boys. To their credit, by the end of the 60's, they had become a very interesting pop group, with many very good songs under their belts. Underrated, I'd say (mainly due to what came later, for good or ill).

The Hollies are one of the great pop groups of the era. Good stuff.

If Mike Love had anything to do with this piss-poor version, off with his head! Bless the Wilson brothers, though. Who's Al Jardine?