Thursday, 12 April 2012

DYLAN COVERS # 44 - Dave Gilmore - Like a Rolling Stone/The Clash - The Man in Me

How does it feel to be on the Dark side of the Moon

DAVE GILMOUR - Like a Rolling Stone

This one is by none other than Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd and is taken from  a bootleg 'On A Tree full of Secrets'. The story goes that Dave was playing with one of his kids on one of those Casio piano type things. Rumour has it that he was well impressed and at one time was going to release it as a single but thought better of it. Why Dave? I think it is great, but  'I don't like reggae, I  love her'.

THE CLASH - The Man in Me

This is another one that has that warm up in the studio feel. But it is nice to hear one of my favourite groups doing the business with 'The Man in Me',  not a too widely covered song. It was first released on a bootleg album called the  'Vanilla Tapes'  but it has now been included  as part of the 25th anniversary release of  the 'London Calling' album.

Your my guitar hero

Joe Strummer R.I.P.

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DYLAN COVERS # 44 - Dave Gilmore - Like a Rolling Stone/The Clash - The Man in Me
4/ 5


13 April 2012 at 08:43

Blimey, Dave got the Bob rasp pretty covered. Interesting and probably better than much of the Floyd's latter-day out-put.

Your note about London calling already having had its 25th anniversary made me shiver. Of course, it is now almost 33 years the album came out. Unbelievable. Nice version from Joe and Mick and the lads. Actually made me think of The Faces at times. Showing their real influences?

13 April 2012 at 09:14

Think you could be right SB re latter out put....but i was pleasantly surprised with some of the Division Bell. I may be a bit quite over the next couple of weeks as getting work done in house and PC will be out of action

17 April 2012 at 15:42

I found myself sitting in the stalls between Elvis Costello (with full Mighty Like a Rose beard) and David Gilmour at one of Dylan's Hammersmith shows in 1990, so he's obviously a fan and he does a good job here - is there a full version out there?

The Clash tune is more of a note for note cover of the fine Matumbi version which was around at the time.

The other great contemporary cover from The Vanilla Tapes I'd like to have seen properly finished is their take on 'Fire in Soweto' by Sonny Okosun.

18 April 2012 at 17:25

The Swede - I would love to find a full version of LARS (good sweadish name)...will certainly let you know if I do....its quite good is'nt it!. Did you offer to buy El or DG a drink at the interval....and strike up a long lasting meaningful relationship...I like the Matumbi version and will have to revert back to the V tapes to check out FS as can't remember. Thanks for the imput!