Saturday, 7 April 2012

GUEST SPOT #41 - Adem - 'Warning Call'

This weeks guest post is by sfw's wife Vidette and their adventure to la-la-land

Adem - Warning Call (2006)

Whenever I hear this track (which I really like) it takes me to the Standard Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. It was my husband and my first holiday together which was pretty amazing – not least because we were still in the early stages of our relationship and all loved up (we’re still loved up but I didn’t nag as much back then!) but also because we spent the first part in Hawaii visiting O’ahu and Maui (surfing on Waikiki beach and swimming with turtles) and spent the last part of our holiday in LA so that we could go to the wedding of one of the members of Lostprophets ….. very rock and roll. And very rock and roll was what I first felt when we arrived at the Standard hotel (my husband’s choice) – I was surprised by the long line of people queuing up to get in to our hotel and all dressed for a night out – thankfully, the hotel staff came out to greet us and ushered us past the queue and steered us to the reception – I think my shorts, T-shirt and flip flops told them I wasn’t bound for the queue – which it turned out was to get in to the nightclub situated within the hotel. The reception was also a rather bizarre experience – with a clear Perspex box on the wall behind reception which had a young lady (a real live person!) sitting in it reading a book and dressed for bed I seem to recall (sfw can probably recall more accurately!).
Behind reception at the not-so-standard hotel
 As we checked in we were told the pool area was going to be closed the following day due to filming taking place (which was disappointing although we were also hopeful we might rub shoulders with some stars). We were even more disappointed when we went up to our room and discovered we were just above the nightclub or at least that’s what it sounded like! Anyway, keen to make the best of things we noticed the room had a CD player in it which was just the excuse my lovely husband needed to go out the following day and buy lots of CD’s. The Adem track was one we ended up playing a lot for the rest of the holiday which as well as being a fantastic track also helped drown out the thud of the club below. Anyway, we had wondered who had deprived us of a dip in the pool that day – we found out when we turned the t.v. on shortly after returning home and saw ‘the bear’ from Bo Selecta sat on a sun lounger at said pool/hotel with a scantily clad lady! Overall it was a fantastic holiday, although I’ve made all the hotel choices since!

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GUEST SPOT #41 - Adem - 'Warning Call'
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7 April 2012 at 09:37

Wonderful track, though it reminds me of driving around Maidenhead lookin for the registrars office. Looks like I'd spend the majority of the time down at reception, gazing at the artwork.

9 April 2012 at 15:25

Nice track and nice story to compliment it..there are lots of Hotels like that in Amsterdam...well the girl in the window theme.