Sunday, 15 April 2012

SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - Steve "Silk" Hurley - 'Jack Your Body'

Steve "Silk" Hurley - 'Jack Your Body' (1986)

I'd totally forgotten about this song until I had a look at the track listing from my all time favourite "NOW" or "Now that's what I call music" as it was known back in the day. It used to be an extremely prestigious must have and was a serious who's who of what was big at the time. Now 9 holds so many memories for me. Not only did I inherit the double cassette from Flycasual, but I had the VHS which only included 16 out of the 30 tracks and watched it constantly when I was 5 years old! I was especially mesmerised by the videos with animation and that included 'Jack Your Body'. In particular, the 1.27 minute clip with lots of little cats in tutu's running in opposite directions in a panic. Looking back at the video now, I can clearly see why this would appeal. Its a pretty good collection of random amusing clips that would entertain a young kid! I still love the song itself with it's 80's funkiness. If you love the cheesy synthesiser 'clap' sound as I do, it's definitely for you!

Steve Silk Hurley
A very silky look
I'd really like to know if anyone one else was as passionate about a particular "NOW" as I was. I can't imagine it would be about a recent one as I was shocked to be told from DJ Biltong Man (see his Guest Posts here) that we are now up to Now 80!! I think the last one I bought was Now 32! Would I even know anything on these?

simply the best

More Now that's what I call Saturday Night Jukebox here!

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SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - Steve "Silk" Hurley - 'Jack Your Body'
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15 April 2012 at 09:48

Classic early House!! I remember Now 9 too as it holds so very good memories. We were living in a sort of musical blackout in Saudi and these compilations, I suppose like you say were chance to hear some of the big hitters, certainly when we were growing up. The videos were good and I remember it had Curiosity Killed the Cat on there my favourite band at the time after the Beasties. But bizarrely I also remember dozing on a night flight back to the UK and I had a new Walkman with a super cool auto reverse function and everytime I'd wake up the song would be Taffy's, 'Midnight Radio'. Had to be there.

15 April 2012 at 21:50

I remember Now 9 very well I had it on tape and played it literally to death. I found an App for the iPhone today which lists all 80 Now's and is a pretty good tool. Check it out !!

17 April 2012 at 03:15

Classic eighties stuff....with great lyrics....looks like all you eighties kids love this this