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TOTW - 29/04/2012 - Thea Gilmore, Sandy Deny, Torche, Cashier No 9, Santigold

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Old Pa's Corner :- 
Thea Gilmore/Sandy Denny - London (2011)

The builder is in and I have not listened to new music for over 2 weeks now, he works best with BBC radio 2 on, so BBC radio 2 is on, all day, the kettle is on, all day. Eventually something comes through, the voice is vaguely familiar, I keep hearing this song?. Who is it by?  I can never catch who it is? It begins to annoy me, so I go on the the BBC radio 2 website,  all I have to go on is the line 'I want to be in London' There is a song on the A play list by Thea Gilmore and Sandy Denny, it shines out like a beacon. What was that song called? you got it 'London'. 

'London' is from the album 'Don't stop Singing' from last year, I listened to that album and God forbid missed this one. (I keep missing them, just trying to listen to too much I guess). What a voice! Great job Thea and of course the writer of the song the late great Dame Sandy Denny.  

As a footnote my midweek post regarding  perfect pop tunes, well, would you believe in the space of a couple of hours the recommended classics by the Swede and Singing Bear were all featured on Radio 2.

As they say, How cool it that!   

Torche - Kicking (2012)

This great track by Florida rockers Torche features on their album "Harmonicraft" (which was released this week). It features melodic vocals, driving bass and so much guitar riffage, it would give Thor the hammer! RAWK! It's available free to download for free here or through

Cashier No 9 - 'Oh Pity' (2011)

I recently heard 'Oh Pity' on a Camden Crawl 2012  mixtape I downloaded free from 7Digital. (Camden Crawl, is the London Spring music festival to kick off the festival season, apparently), it was by far the stand out track and instantly had me hooked with it's melody and 'big sound'. In fact, maybe it's just me but I think it has this early 90's feel to it, a cross between Electronic and the psychedelica of Primal Scream, or something. That trademark 'big sound' is courtesy of fellow Northern Irish DJ/producer, David Holmes, who I'm big fan of, so big that I didn't realise he had produced last years Cashier No9's album, 'To the Death of Fun', from which 'Oh Pity' comes from. So not a new song but far too good to ignore. Yes, a pity as this would definitely have been one of my favourites of last year if it hadn't been so slippery and slipped through the net. Album downloaded, work journey sorted. 

Shell Hunter:-
Santigold - Disparate Youth (2012)

This song literally caught me with my trousers down. I was trying on some jeans in H&M in the changing room and it came on. I had heard bits of it before but hearing it this time, I knew I liked it and needed to know what it was. Shazam to the rescue once again! Luckily no one barged into to the cubicle I was half dressed in, priorities are priorities! Santigold's album was just released a few days ago so I will definitely be having a listen. She has often been compared to M.I.A and mentions her influences are that of 80's pop and even Fela Kuti. She's got a good few collaboration's under her belt too including one with Amadou & Miriam that Flycasual featured on our Tracks Of The Week 08/04/2012!

Check out her website and sign up for a freebie download of her track 'Big Mouth' now here!

Have you discovered any great tracks this week? Let us know!

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TOTW - 29/04/2012 - Thea Gilmore, Sandy Deny, Torche, Cashier No 9, Santigold
4/ 5


30 April 2012 at 14:37

SFW Now and again I like somthing heavy, this fits the bill and as you say great riffage
FC yes see where you are, this is very very good. What was the album like?
SH interesting one, with hugh 'Michele Friendly' potential (must do a post about that!

5 May 2012 at 08:27

Oh yeah! I'm digging Thor the hammer indeed! I'm not sure Thea Gilmore will want to be in London now, it's freezing! It's May! Not really my thing but it's a good tune. I've been looking forward to Santigold's new album ever since her debut a few years back. I wasn't sure about 'Disparate Youth' at first but have grown into it the more I hear it.