Sunday, 8 April 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 08/04/12 - The Deep Dark Woods, Marilyn Manson, Amadou and Mariam, Peter Broderick

Fed up with all those chocolate Easter Eggs yet? Come on, gorge yourself on four more!

Amadou and Mariam - 'Dougou Badia' feat Santigold (2012)

I was particularly excited this week as Amadou and Mariam released their new album, their 7th. More so when the single features the eccentric and innovative, Santigold who is also coming out with a new album of her own (April 23rd). It's a smashing song, Mariam's voice interlaced with some fantastic percussion and guitars with the bonkers Santigold kindly lending her voice to the chorus. I've been hooked on the Malian duo's unique sound, albeit a late comer, ever since I was introduced to the Manu Chao produced, Dimanche a Bamako, their 5th album. Amadou and Mariam's popularity has surged recently with Damon Albarn producing their last album, a remix album released last year and the new album hosting a number of guest stars (Amp Fiddler,TV on the Radio) as they bid to increase their audience. I read recently that, as a result this album may see them further diluting their sound with Mariam's vocals taking more of backseat. Sounds ominous but no care as I'll be looking forward to finding that out for myself.

Official website is still under construction but there's a video of their song 'Wily Kataso' with TV on the Radio (who also worked with Tinariwen last year)

Old Pa's Corner :-
The Deep Dark Woods - 'The Place I left Behind' (2012)

I never heard of  The Deep Dark Woods  before until I heard this track which is superb. It is very reminiscent of the Civil Wars '20 years' or the Arlene's 'Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone'. It has that same haunting sound and feel with a beautiful melody..
It is from their new album 'The Place I left Behind(2012), I have sampled several tracks and it is all rather good. You cannot beat a nice little bit of Alt Country melancholia for a Sunday Morning. Especially when 

'it is Easter Time Too'.
Dressed for another day in the Woods!
Peter Broderick - 'Asleep' (2012)

A moving tribute about the death of a friend, this has elements of the sonic beauty of Bon Iver and so much more - listening on a good stereo or through headphones will take you on a musical journey.  Let him know what you think by visiting his site here.

Shell Hunter:-
Marilyn Manson - 'No Reflection' (2012)

Marilyn Manson is back and in my opinion, back to when I loved him most. Back to the same form of 'Sweet Dreams', 'The Beautiful People', and The Dope Show'. It's gritty, raunchy, you can dance to it and it makes me feel like wrapping myself up in a black cape. I've heard someone describe it as "Suicide Death Metal" and come on, surely we've stopped taking all this gory goth stuff seriously? Can't we all just enjoy the drama and theatre of Mr. Manson doing what he does best? He's got a new album out that has been 2 years in the making and if this first offering is anything to go by, I shall be donning my dog collar and monocle to sit back in my velvet chaise longue to discover the rest! Check out the official website here...

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 08/04/12 - The Deep Dark Woods, Marilyn Manson, Amadou and Mariam, Peter Broderick
4/ 5


8 April 2012 at 19:27

Amadou & Mariam - I really like that guitar sound. I'll admit that a lot of African music doesn't do much for me (my ears just don't seem to 'get it') but I like the overall sound of this.

Deep Dark Woods - new one on me. Agree you can't beat a bit of alt. country misery (!) and this floats my boat.

Peter Broderick - That's quite something. Impressive and deserves some repeated listening.

Marilyn Manson - er, so obviously not for me that I really can't comment! ;)

8 April 2012 at 21:56

Haha! SB, he's not everyone's cup of char!
Fly - I like their sound and love Santigold so I'm going to give this a few listens. Like it so far!
Pa - Absolutely adore this! Alrene's; yes got it. Spot on! Can't wait to hear more, it's like discovering Loose all over again!
Sfw - not sure about this, a bit too sombre for me. Maybe I'm not quite ready for this yet?

9 April 2012 at 15:20

FC high contender for my Track of the week - love it
SFW definately worth hanging on in there
SH You cannot beat a nice little bit of death metal melancholia for an Easter Monday Morning

10 April 2012 at 11:09

It's my first day back at work after two weeks and certainly the Deep Dark Woods and Peter Broderick capture my mood. Listening to them both had me mesmerised for 15 mins but 'Asleep' is quite someting, not sure what it is but it's really compelling. At first his voice reminded me of Kings of Leon but then it changed as the song progressed. Elements of Pink Floyd too?! Love SB's comment on MM. Yeah I like this, I see he hasn't lost any of his charm on the videos evidence (I'll have to make sure I get my wife to watch it's the complete antithesis of her Jane Austen ideal). I'm sure there will be some good moments on his new album too.