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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 15/04/12 - First Serve, Beachwood Sparks, Willy Moon, Dreadsquad

Here are four tracks to put the "Sun" in Sunday
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Shell Hunter:-
Willy Moon - 'Yeah Yeah' (2012)

It's another fresh new sound! It's 50's rockabilly (Eugene McGuiness will have a fight on his hands, check his post here) meets pop! Willy Moon is young, slick, well dressed and on his way to stardom. This second single is due out on May 7th and I'm pretty sure it will be a massive pre-summer success. For me the indie dance scene was getting a little quiet but this will do nicely thank you! It's got a nice hip hop/swing feel to it too so it ticks a lot of boxes for me!

For a cool remix of 'Yeah Yeah' click here for a free download, courtesy of RCRD LBL. Want to know more? Checck out Willy's website -

Beachwood Sparks - 'Forget the song' (2012)

Neil Young-esq/West Coast Alternative folk? (I don't know if there is such a thing). Beachwood Sparks, who are from LA are on the Sub Pop Record Label and this track features on there upcoming album "The Tarnished Gold", guests include Ariel Pink, Jen Cohen, and Neal Casal (Ryan Adams & The Cardinals).

I've reference the Sub Pop Record label as they always seem to have some musical gems that linger just below the mainstream.  Some of my recent discoveries like Shearwater and Chad VanGaalan have made it a label that I eagerly follow. Ironically it was the same 20 years ago when Sub Pop artists such as Nirvana, Soundgarden & Mudhoney were apart of my musical diet.

First Serve - 'We Made It' (2012)

'We Made it', one of the many highlights from the album 'Plug 1 and Plug 2 presents First Serve'. (Dave and Posodonus from De La Soul)
The album has been touted as the closest thing De La Soul have come to scaling the dizzy heights of their 1989 classic, 3 Feet High and Rising. Commercially, their subsequent releases haven't perhaps matched the impact of that album but it hasn't bothered me as I have been a big fan of the talented trio since. This time, however, the magic number is two as Plug 1 and Plug 2 are minus their regular DJ Maseo to team up with French DJ/producers Khalid and Chokolate, to create a concept album charting the rise and fall and rise again of a fictional Hip Hop group. Comparisons to 3 Feet High are justified as it's not far off, with some very good tracks, with some slick rhyming (as you'd expect), humorous/less skits and the clever
use of soul, disco and even blues samples/hooks. But more importantly it retains that sense of fun that was so synonymous with their seminal debut.

My man Andy Murray should ditch the Black Eyed Peas before strutting on court and listen to First Serve, it's Ace!...... Oh forget it!

Have a look at their excellent website here....and you really ought to see a live version of their song 'Move em in, Move em out' at the BBC6 Maida Vale

Old Pa's Corner :-
Dreadsquad - Here Me now Ja People (ft U-Brown)(2012)

Who are Dreadsquad you may ask?  well to get an idea who they are take a look at the link which gives full information and details of the album were this fabulous track is taken from,  The Riddim Machine(2012)
Dreadsquad are Polish producer/DJ duo, consisting of Marek Bogdanski and Lukasz Rodziewicz. Reggae is alive and well and Poland seems to be the place to be. This is great stuff, it has all the elements of old school with a little bit of dancehall thrown in for good measure. Check out the album, it has got a bit of everything.

Jah Warsaw

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 15/04/12 - First Serve, Beachwood Sparks, Willy Moon, Dreadsquad
4/ 5


17 April 2012 at 03:30

SFW yes this looks interesting and what a guest list on the album...will be checking that out
SH not bad and but he definately deserves another shot
FC I love this as you say great use of 70's disco soul...must check this out...I have sent Andy a pre match build up file...if he wins Wimbeldon I will eat his shorts!

18 April 2012 at 20:49

I really like this Willy Moon track, he's got a good Crispin Glover look and that's ok with me. Good beats and ting and I think you're right, this could be a big hit. It doesn't matter where it's from you can't beat some rootsy reggae I will be checkin the album, definitely a good vibe going on here. Polski sklejpe!

18 April 2012 at 22:38

Fly- great track, look forward to discovering more. The beat reminds me of 'since I left you' by The Avalanches. Not a bad thing at all!
Pa- is U-Brown related to U-Roy? He sounds like him! Good stuff, keep it coming!
Sfw- tba, can't see the vid on iPhone!

29 April 2012 at 19:54

Sfw - Will be featuring on my Vegas playlists, nice country feel.