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Danay Suarez and Los Aldeanos and Silvito El Libre - 'Check La Rima' / 'Cuando Ya No Este'

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Danay Suarez, Los Aldenaos & Silvito El Libre - 'Check La Rima' (2011)

When we kicked off this blog just over a year ago, my first post wasn't on my favourite Hip Hop song that I used to grab my crotch too or my favourite rock band that I lost a shoe in the mosh pit too but on a little known but hugely talented Cuban artist called Danay Suarez. For good reason too as she's sexy, sultry and she can sing, her beautiful voice making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. But the clincher is that she's also a dope rapper (my wife will take the piss out of me for using 'dope' at my age but she really is dope), effortlessly flowing from singing to rhyming as these contrasting videos show.

Danay Suarez....dope!
Gilles Peterson's love affair with Cuba continues with his 2011 release, Havana Cultura the Search Continues (click link to visit the website), where these two tracks feature. I've had it on heavy rotation over the last couple of months and and it's a fantastically diverse compilation of all the latest sounds out of Cuba, mixing the traditional with more contemporary influences.

If you'd like the Spotify link to the album, then click here... it's well worth the time and effort.

One of the many highlights is a version of the A Tribe Called Quest classic, 'Check the Rhime', which is given the full Cuban treatment. It's a completely different and unique take on it which is why I love it, especially the recognisable horn section, the beats and the fabulous piano break. Rhymes courtesy of Danay Suarez and Cuban rappers Los Aldeanos and Silvito el Libre.

Danay Suarez - 'Cuando Ya No Este' (2011)

In my last Danay Suarez post I said that if I saw her, the Mojitos would be on me but unfortunately it's unlikely I'll be taking a stroll down the Malecon any time soon. However, there's a bottle of Havana Club 15 anos with her name on it should she find herself in Camberley. Oh no, it's all above board, purely plutonic, a cultural visit if you like. My wife could show her some of her newly acquired Zumba moves and I'm almost at my free whole chicken on my Nando's loyalty card, so we'd show her a dope time fo sho!

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Danay Suarez and Los Aldeanos and Silvito El Libre - 'Check La Rima' / 'Cuando Ya No Este'
4/ 5


19 April 2012 at 08:40

This is good stuff - especially as the sun is breaking through the clouds. I was never a huge 'World Music' fan. (I tell myself) it's because I never listened to it when I was young. But like Olives, Seafood and sushi, if you sample it small amounts, you may just develop a taste for it!

29 April 2012 at 19:49

Been listening to this on your recommendation and absolutely love it. Cuban is up there with my favourite styles of music thanks to the Buena Vista Social Club. She is really a dope rapper!