Thursday, 3 May 2012

DYLAN COVERS #47 Grateful Dead/Garcia & Grisman - She belongs to me

A smily Bobby D! with his Grateful Pals

JERRY, PHIL & BOB( From Grateful Dead) - She Belongs to Me


Here is a couple of magnificent acoustic versions of  'She belongs to Me' The first one is a take by Gerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and is absolutely superb. The second is another brilliant rendition by Gerry Garcia and Dave Grisham taken from a live concert in Warfield (1992) (with much  appreciation to the kind persons who put these fabulous videos up on You Tube)

I think the GD are my favourite artists covering  Dylan songs. I would not like the job of compiling all the various live covers they have actually done. I have waded through the Soundboard series which is available out there and covers most of the hundred and hundreds of live shows they have done from the early 60s until they finished in the 90's. Although they were prolific in Dylan covers and almost always included one or sometimes two in each set, they stuck to no more than about a dozen songs. These are featured in the excellent 'Post cards from the Hanging' and the equally great 'Garcia Plays Dylan'.

One of these days I must plough through and listen to all these different takes.

Is there any Deadhead out there who has listed exactly the number of each Dylan song covered....It is a big task.

Bob Weir and his Band  RatDog  have also done many many live covers of Dylan and I will feature some, mabe next week or in the near future.

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DYLAN COVERS #47 Grateful Dead/Garcia & Grisman - She belongs to me
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5 May 2012 at 16:05

Thanks Jacek, great info there, I will take a look.
Yes these are both great performances and glad you liked them. All the Best Brian

10 May 2012 at 15:47

I prefer the second version, loved the Ukelele and the Bongos...a great track.